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  1. Hi, I'm not new here but I haven't been here for ages...... *says hi to Gamecop.
  2. Sonic used to win. But nowadays Sonic will always lose because whatever he does, he falls into a bottomless pit.
  3. hi, JKK. It's as Robert says. Sega Li comes from Mario Segali, the Nintendo warehouse owner where Nintendo got the name Mario from.
  4. little update: I downloaded one of these demos (table hockey) with ds organize and then I could launch it just fine with moonshell.... maybe stuff changed.. dunno =P tried a few more, from that site, and they work too! ..this is nice though, it means I don't need wifime anymore at all.
  5. *update* I replaced my Sitecom router with one from Belkin (for various reasons) and now programs using the wifi-lib work fine here too. it remains a little odd though that some routers do not work with homebrew where others do....
  6. .nds but there's a difference between commercial dumps, homebrew and these wireless demos, yet they all use the same extention.
  7. hm... but these work a bit differently from homebrew stuff.... I have a GBAMP, but I think the only way I can run these is through WifiMe.
  8. I also have the problem where Nintendo WFC works (with WEP), but homebrew applications using this lib will not when WEP is on; they will if it's off. However, that's with my router, a sitecom wl-114 (version 1). I tried it at someone else's place, and there the connection DID work, with WEP and all (a Belkin router). So, it's related to the router, but it remains odd that everything else works normally. I can't find anything weird in the settings either....
  9. this emulator scores big points on usability and "authentic playstation feeling"
  10. well, you ARE comparing it with the single best game of old SNK now.
  11. KOF XI looks pretty by the way, and it is smooth. I think it's been long since I saw an SNK game that polished (I think, 1999?). The addition of new backgrounds for the PS2 version wasn't really nescesary (they're not bad though)... it's the backgrounds of the original arcade version that really stand out. In fact, all of the extra's put into the ps2 release I consider quite unnescesary. the game's good enough to not need it.
  12. mooney, you're late with getting an NGPC. A (half)year ago, bundles with a system and 6 games were all over play-asia. I was doubting wether to get one, but my waiting decided for me: Now the game bundles are still there, but the NGPC is not. and, as IJTF_Cinder said, getting separate games will probably be more worthwhile than getting a flashcard for it... if you can find a ngpc at all. As for emulation... dslinux, that wont run any emu in the state it's currently in (except maybe chip 8 in ascii mode =P ), and probably never will. Since dslinux is running "on top of" ds, that's not good for running an emu on, it eats up enough resources in itself. There's several emulators out there that are very portable, but DS homebrew isn't really picking up on it. Could still happen, though. I think a DS would be able to run a NGPC emu nicely. Or, one could save up for the (homebrew & emu-friendly) gp2x portable, it has a NGPC emulator (in addition, it also emulates an actual neogeo). PSP prolly does too, but I wouldn't like the firmware hassle myself.
  13. sorry we hijacked the thread, I'll continue that over pm the "real" ds flashcarts, is that exactly what I think it is - a flashcart in the format of a ds cartridge instead of gba cartridge ?
  14. I remember people loving their stars, and you're referring to the "beyond hope" group?..still, I need more hints
  15. yep, that must've been me (I still post there). I wonder what was so likeable....also, I'm now trying to recall a member called Grey
  16. Zsnes indeed. It ought to work fine on nearly every game (a few I know that have problems are Pinball Fantasies, AOF2, Fatal Fury Special and Lupin the third (last one only in some recent betas))
  17. and the submarine one (allthough table hockey is more fun) let's see.... new smb, nanostray and sonic rush (new smb is too easy though, but I guess every Mario is).
  18. well, in my case, I was lucky to happen to have the right equipment for wmb/wifime already (before ever hearing of it), after that it was a matter of getting a gbamp and flashing the gbamp's and nds' firmware (flashme). So for me, it was very cheap and logical to make my DS homebrew enabled. I could imagine people not wanting to buy a passme or more expensive flashcard, or be afraid to flash the firmware. If it weren't for wifime, I wouldn't have been using ds homebrew right now. A gbamp I might've gotten anyways (my favourite homebrew app is the emulator Goomba, which is actually GBA and not DS - if I had the coding skills I'd try and port it to DS, but that's out of the question right now). That's another point - gba homebrew seems really popular, still...so maybe people would sooner develop for that. GBA homebrew works on DS, but with GBAMP, only a few things, because of the memory limitation. With a flashcard, that's no problem, of course.
  19. ps3, well, either I hit the jackpot or it becomes cheap =P Wii's more likely, but I'm not sure. Actually, I leave all options open; I just don't have all that much money ;p
  20. they would shoot themselves in the foot if they did.
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