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  1. Hi, 1) The lib was written in a way so it does not recognize that an AP existing without a SSID broadcast is possible. 2) Support will be added in the next version of the lib (which is at least a few months away) 3) It could be hacked in, but that doesn't directly help existing apps much (they would have to recompile). I've been investigating a change that could make it work, but I have not completed it yet. So, no help yet... This is just a bit difficult to support with the current lib. -Stephen
  2. Yes, this is a known issue. The DS library closesocket() abruptly terminates the connection rather than allowing it to wait to complete. This will be fixed in a future version - in the meantime though, it's suggested to use shutdown, and wait for the other end to close the socket before closing it. (use recv() and wait for it to return 0) There isn't a better solution at this time -Stephen
  3. Hi, You are most certainly losing data, but it's not due to the wifi lib. The current buffer size in the wifi lib is indeed 8192 bytes, which means the maximum number of bytes that can be sent is 8191 bytes. The "send" call does fail when you send more bytes than are available in the buffer- but it fails telling you how many bytes it sent; this is by the design of the BSD Sockets layer, to allow you to know that a certain number of bytes were sent. I think it's very unlikely that you would be losing data if you handled the return code of send() appropriately and retried the send of the bytes t
  4. It's probably a bug in the wifi lib, or in the way the wifilib is talking to the hardware - but I don't know which - this is one of the reasons the lib is being rewritten.
  5. It will eventually make it's way to a more accessable location, but for now the lib test source can be downloaded from: http://devkitpro.org/files/wifi_lib_test.zip Also, the other example project (wifi_example1) is at: http://akkit.org/dswifi/wifi_example1_r20.zip Have fun
  6. select() is supported in the dswifi lib - you just can't setup the fd_set like that. Another alternative would be to use nonblocking sockets (research ioctl() and FIONBIO) Good luck
  7. Yeah, it's standard- Microbnc I think it's called? I don't remember.
  8. Not very directional, and no - 2mbit is the limit.
  9. Oh right - yes, the header does provide signal strength. And it's a bit of a hack to get to it, but it's right next to the speed (I meant to say strength, not speed - but managed to confuse them in my reply) See here (though not entirely accurate): http://akkit.org/info/dswifi.htm#FmtRx The wifi RX header is in the buffer right -before- the pointer the "raw" API gives you, so you have to compute the address and read it. Next version will provide easier access. (Also the RSSI readings are more complex than indicated, I'll document this sometime.)
  10. Yup, And actually if you are connected to an AP, you can receive all 1-2mbit packets "attached" to that AP. When you enable raw packet capture you have the ability to get a header including the speed.. though it's a little bit of a hack.
  11. Hi all - the DS Wifi lib 0.3.3 is out now, correcting one of the biggest annoyances so far, which was connection problems with newer DS lites. If you're still having problems with the wifi lib, first try the 0.3.3 test app at http://akkit.org/dswifi/wifi_lib_test.nds If you can connect to your Access Point with that app, then probably whatever app you are having trouble with hasn't upgraded yet, and you should pester the author Or, start a new thread and complain about it, or something. Poiint is, If the wifi lib test works for you, please don't post your problems in this thread. If the w
  12. Hi, DSwifi lib version 0.3.3 now works on the latest hardware. the problem was with changing channels being incorrect, that code has been updated and tested with the new hardware and is now working. Test app for 0.3.3 is available at http://akkit.org/dswifi/wifi_lib_test.nds
  13. Hiya; Sorry, I've been distracted by other things and missed your messages. There have been a few changes to the wifi lib since we last spoke; please try that again, http://akkit.org/dswifi/wifi_lib_test.nds Generally speaking, if the official games work with a DS and AP, the wifi lib should work with that DS and AP now. If you're still having problems with the new lib test, please let me know though.
  14. Hiya; Yes, we have figured this out and the latest version of the wireless lib includes improved code to deal with the newer DSlites - I finially managed to get one to test with and have updated the code so it works. So, dswifi lib 0.3.3 and higher will work with newer DS lites - if you want to try it out, test http://akkit.org/dswifi/wifi_lib_test.nds
  15. Not quite - the wifi lib can provide channel changing but doesn't currently receive all packets in promiscuous mode. (There is a way to do this, but it's not documented and requires some lower level hacking at this point - I haven't confirmed that it works yet, either...)
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