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  1. I'm 99% sure you can but I think you need modified drivers, I don't really know cos I never had to look into it. Google it.
  2. I'm new! Well. Not really. But I've restricted my posting to the DSWifi forum until now...and to the #1emu channel harassing robbbert. And Gamecop. And just about anyone really.
  3. Lots! Not too many Wifi ones, and what little there is is only in beta stage cos of the wifi lib. Maybe if you posted somewhere a little more frequently visited (such as "The Lounge" where robbbert is known to troll, lol.) and ask suggestions you'd get a good response. Im just lazy and can't be bothered tracking down links for all the programs. Anywho, if you go through the news archives of www.drunkencoders.com you'll find all the coolest stuff thats out there really.
  4. Pointyremote's server won't even start for me, so there's my view on that program, lol. Plus it seems like a dead project, so I wouldn't hang too much on it.
  5. Have you tried manual connect? There are a few things I've noticed about Win2DS in particular that has a few bugs. I don't know why, but when the stylus is in the top oleft hand corner for me, the mouse is poistioned right, but the further away I o from that corner, the more out of whack it is. Try setting everything manually, assign a static IP to your DS and see if you still get the problems.
  6. Well, seeing as how the average mp3 is encoded at 128kbps, I'd say that would be the quality. Of course the speakers don't sound too great, but thats why you have a headphone jack. And as for DPG files, use BatchDPG instead of DPG Tools to encode and they look fine. If your going to ask for links, you can get them all with a bit of reading from www.drunkencoders.com
  7. Ok then, first check if your current wireless card supports the right chipset for WifiMe. All details are there, just follow the tutorial. If not, then you need a DsPassMe and some kind of flashcart, if your looking for cheapest then Supercard SD or CF is probably the best choice. I'm not going to post or link to reviews of all the GBA flashcarts / adapters you can use, because many many people have already done that. Remember, as I said, google is your friend. Then, unless you want to keep that large ugly passme in your ds, the best bet you can use is FlashMe - a replacement firmware for your DS that you can use to boot homebrew and commercial games. Notice I didn't link to it? Thats because I believe that everyone needs practice with google! (Bleugh. I'm at work and don't have the time to find a link. I'm pretty sure you can get passme2flashme.gba at www.ndshb.com though)
  8. A-what? nJust include the code off the DS game you have and he'll reprogram the passme to use it, if you don't have a game that is compatible with passme2, go hire a game you can use.
  9. And I need a cold bourbon, but we don't always get what we want. Seriously though, always remember that even if you have no others google is. All you have to type in is "Nintendo DS Homebrew and you'll get dozens of sites with detailed step-by-step-hold-your-hand kinda tutorials. But here, all the tutorials on what you need and everything else can be found here.
  10. The link I gave you is where you will ifnd them the cheapest. He's a great guy with good communication, my firt one got lost in the mail, he sent a second one straight away, even threw in a Jtag programming cable with it.
  11. Ok, so I installed the Windows version of DevkitPro, then used a CVS program to download the wifi lib. All good so far This is where it gets irritating, I'm 99% sure I have to link the lib somehow and I have no idea how to do it, when I compile programs that don't include the wifi lib they compile easily, but if it includes the wifi lib, then it throws all sorts of fun errors out. I don't think a log of errors is really needed cos It must be pretty straight forward as to what I need to do, but if you do need them, let me know and I'll post. Cheers ppl, Ben.
  12. Personally I use moonshell with .dpg movies, you can download moonshell here and you can download DPG Tools which is the encoder in a handy little install package (rapidshare, don't want to test my home http server too much!) DPG Tools Install.exe Of course, seeing as moonshell is a DS homebrew program you'll have to follow my links in the other thread.
  13. Lesson number 1 - don't make 3 topics with not alot of info within 5 mins. That aside, to make a passme (passkey) you can have a look at Natrium's site here. (You can also order one off here, which I did because I would probably cost myself more in burn ointment than its worth.) Also, to find out what firmware you have (which lets you know if you need a pass me 1 or 2) visit ndshb.com's reference chart. Then, go here (ndshb again) and it will tell you how to use the passme(2) with the M3. Don't pay attention to anything that is between the OLD METHOD flags, I suppose thats there for reference After all this, when you actually want to download DS Homebrew, there are heaps of sites to look at, Google is your friend! <---I like them too
  14. Hmm, a http downloader eh? Ive never heard of that one x_x; do you have a link? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Definitley! Can anyone provide a link to this? My gf doesn't have a USB port on her laptop. (Well, there is one, but there's problems, long story) This program would solve many of my headaches!
  15. I would appreciate it if you could point me toward some And yet, xbox homebrew is one of the largest, and the only way to complile code for it is with the official XDK. All I can say is: Yay. I don't know what he's done in the past, but that comp irritated me. And how is it that people can make fake DS carts and sell them on ebay, but there are no DS carts for homebrew scene to use? I won't bullshit, I use it for other things than homebrew (and we all know what that is). It is good that nintendo doesn't object to homebrew as much as sony seems to though. Thanks!
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