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  1. i've never seen bleach, i heard the DS games were the shiznits though why is the show called that, do they spend alot of time on their hair? or perhaps work at a laundry mat?
  2. I NEED DRUGS By NECRO , i ADORE the LL Cool J sample!
  3. i must concur, that choice of movie seems very queer
  4. Monster Camp, i wouldn't be surprised if the lot of you were into that kinda shit, lolz
  5. how do you figure that? i got them pretty fast from just cleaning mobs
  6. FINALLY NAT BULLSHIT FIXXED, i dont know what i did, but now my shit is legit and xbox live is working online as it should!
  7. lol, actually its my Routers NAT settings, there is nothing i can do to fix that shit on my old ass wireless router
  8. damn, i wanna play this online now but i cant seem to get a game started
  10. I still ain't got his Hero Boost for doing that 100 times. lol, i got it before most things, i've been playing with younger relatives so im basically using him to keep em alive the whole way grrr! i really wanna play online, but every time it comes to me buying a router with NAT settings i buy weed instead
  11. plays alot like a MMO when i play with friends, i often find myself playing as Iron Fist and healing ALOT!!!
  12. i just fell asleep trying to watch The Legend Of Black Scorpion
  13. they need to make more costumes available soon, because if they dont, thats just soo bitch-made , some characters need ALOT more costume options
  14. i preferred the character select screen from the first game
  15. i got it a few days ago for 360, no free Juggs for me
  16. 80's Wolverine (brown & Tan costume) and Mohawk Storm would be the pwn-sauce
  17. I think you already can. not yet, so far, they only have this juggernaut teaser patch so that you can play with people using juggs
  18. i bet it will be a lame one that allows you to play as any of the npc's im pretty sure they will come out with costume packs / palate swaps are always awesome too! i wonder when will the non pre ordered people be able to buy the juggernaut character
  19. i understand what your saying, but Robert Englund IS Freddy, unlike Jason and Micheal Meyers (whom could be anyone in a mask)
  20. i check IGN from time to time, most of my gaming news nowadays comes from xbox live though
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