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  1. Storm has always been a mix of Halle Berry Black and Tina Turner black Nick Fury is Black in the Ultimate Universe, and in the Films (why not? who doesnt love Samuel L. Jackson MUTHAFUCKA!!!! ) Diddy will never be able to play James Bond (mostly because he's american over being an african-american, and not qualified to act) i doubt there would be any racial outcry if those characters were recast personally i think BA Baracus could easily be played by a Samoan and Shaft will always be black! (btw, Christian Bale was the villian in the last Shaft movie)
  2. Return of the living dead 3, its a love story, totally has the grindhouse b rate feeling to it
  3. i think they have one that does vibrate, but mine does not, it has 4 blades (5 if you count the one at the tip used to line up sideburns,beard ect) when used with shaving cream it doesn't really clog up, and its a VERY close shave (sometimes i can go 2 days without 5 o clock shadow i cant even use 2 blade disposables because they shave never gets close enough, and i end up with razor bumps no matter what
  4. i use the Gillette Fusion, its hand down the best shave short of me going to the barber and having em use a straight razor on my face
  5. does ps3 have a market place? one where you could re purchase ps0ne/ps2 games and play them in teh hard drive? if that is a factor, i might buy me one so i can replay suikoden, and tactics
  6. FF/Garou: Terry,Joe, Rock, Geese, Real Bout Krauser AOF:Mr KARATE,Ryo, Robert, King KOF:Iori, K', Vanessa, Ralph, Shingo Street Fighter: Ken (fav. Alpha ken) ,Dan, Sakura, Sagat GGX: Bridgette Tekken: Paul Samurai Showdown: Ukyo Tachibana
  7. the only 1 alternate costume for each person, really doesn't turn me on, at all
  8. did they ever show what Deadpools alternate costume looks like ? (im still hoping for Agent X)
  9. my mamma said "To get things done, you better not mess with Major Tom"
  10. a positive for ps3 in my case is i've always loved the psx controller (especially for fighting games)
  11. i hope the next MUA has a ALL VILLAN roster (or Dark Reign-ish)
  12. i bet they will have both! but i do love Stark Armor Spidey! Scarlet Spider or Ben Reily Spiderman would have been great too BTW is the roster done yet?
  13. i wasnt too fond of the ending of Batman: AA although i hope they plan a next installment based in Gotham City, perhaps with the Riddler since that bastard is more annoying than the Joker in this game
  14. are you supposed to die when he injects you while strapped?
  15. you know....if LOVE to see Spider-Man in a Kingdom Hearts Video game
  16. my xbox 360 (the red one BTW) is pretty darn silent i dont know if its all ps3's or just the older ones, but when playing i noticed that often times id get these odd lag spikes (particularly when i played MUA) i fucking love my netflix too! and i actually know a few people who also have xbox live gold (which is actually saving me minutes on my phone by talking to people via headset)
  17. i want Luke Cage dressed up like Power Man (complete with Afro) dammit!
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