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  1. i love that alternate costume, looks more like Cable than the default one
  2. One that you'll never taste, fag. See what I did thurr? i bet he thinks you just called him a cigarette
  3. Incendiary it was good for what it is, sorta heart-wrenching
  4. another welcomed addition to the X-MEN grrrr! i want the sentry!
  5. Drag Me To Hell ok, although i very much enjoyed the end. the scene with mad dude not answering his iphone, priceless.. .
  6. that looks like soooo much fun!!!! grrr, why wont snk release everything for xbla
  7. im looking foward to whompin' on some shit-talking ass!!! HOLLLAAAAA!!!
  8. imma just call it Tekken 6 since i havent even played it yet
  9. i couldn't find the poll for some reason, where sentry, ronin/hawkeye, or Gladiator in it by any chance?
  10. thats some real shit, but its gotta be some straight up GRAPEz!
  11. i look very forward to carnage, and perhaps see Anti-Venom as his alternate swap! his over rall design in that video sort of turned me on a bit too. . . Spiderman-Venom-Carnage-Firestar= MAXIMUM CARNAGE TEAM for +15 mele buff?
  12. i usually have a glass of pino noir or merlot every night before before i go to bed i go through alot of beer on a weekly basis but never binge ( i always have beer in my fridge) and when i go out i never drink more than a fifth
  13. i knew that, i just thought you were being frivolous
  14. did you delete your xboxlive account or just got rid of me as a friend?
  15. lol, im from san francisco, nothing creeps me out
  16. if you see me online and ever want to do some co-op shit just send me an invite, although i should note,i smoke alot of pot while i play video games
  17. The Fearless Vampire Killers Or: Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are On My Neck sort of slow paced and somewhat boring at the beginning (as i find to be the case with MOST of Roman Polanski's films) I merely saw it to amuse myself because Sharon Tate was soo hot in this movie (who would later become Polanski's wife and murdered by Charles Mansons Family)
  18. when are we gunna have 4 people on 1emu tear this shit up on billboxlive?!
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