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  1. i dont think id break off another 60 bucks for that one.
  2. lost planet 2 online DEMO it blew my fucking mind. . .
  3. all contemporary porn is Gonzo, i actually liked the older ones with plots n such
  4. AES stick is my Gospel i think there is a ps2 to 360 converter i could get, i think that might be my choice to play tekken once it comes out, if thats cheaper than a stick
  5. WET demo, i enjoyed it alot, i really love the grindhouse feel of it
  6. you'd imagine people would forcibly grow up for the sake of children ever notice how strange shit always drops in either florida or germany?
  7. WATCHMEN, this movie is sort of boring the second time around to be honest
  8. Angelina is totally overrated, i haven't found her to be hot since the movie Hackers
  9. Sicko (Micheal Moore) i was smoking alot of weed at the time to be honest. denmark prison looks like the shit to vacation at!
  10. lol, they only had the budget to do red skulls make up once! hahahhaa!!! and even then it was soo shitty
  11. a shitty movie with Colin Farrel, guy from green mile, and ben affelec and a shitty spin off with Jennifer garner is not popular mainstream? a recast Daredevil movie revamp (like they did with the hulk) is exactly what's needed, +++ if Frank Miller got involved It isn't, compared to the other titles available for developing into a film that are more popular in mainstream media. Hulk is lucky because its Hulk and was allowed to be reimagined for profit (which may or may not have succeeded). The Jennifer Garner spinoff was made based on her popularity at the time... not the character itself. I mean who would you rather see? Elektra or Captain America? Not saying a reimagined Daredevil movie wouldn't be cool but when people are demanding the big names upfront the less titular characters have to take a backseat. Just look at the Iron Fist movie that was supposed to happen. Its just unfortunate Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Punisher and yes Daredevil, Elektra had to turn out the way they did. But among those flops, Daredevil, Elektra and Ghost Rider are neck and neck as the worst. Meaning less money made, less margin for budget to create a sequal. what about the 3 different punisher movies? zomg! i just saw Eden Lake, pretty disturbing movie, reminds me why i hate children
  12. a shitty movie with Colin Farrel, guy from green mile, and ben affelec and a shitty spin off with Jennifer garner is not popular mainstream? a recast Daredevil movie revamp (like they did with the hulk) is exactly what's needed, +++ if Frank Miller got involved
  13. lols... the whole baraka with optic blast and no mouth part, truth be told, i enjoyed the typical Ryan Reynolds as Wade in the beginning, if they plan on making a spinoff (since he's alive and now has a mouth again) i would be open to watch it so long as they have him under the red n black costume why wont Frank Miller make a daredevil movie ?!!?!?!?!
  14. i just saw X-men Origins: Wolverine, it was decent, but they totally ruined deadpool at the end, if they make a sequel, im pretty sure they are gonna fuck up Omega Red
  15. i like that outfit! im almost pretty sure people will be able to buy new costumes online at this point. . . it will totally sell to the fans. . .
  16. thinking about it more. Rogue would have been a much better character to have than Ms Marvel, especially if they used her classic Ms Marvel power set / or be able to toggle between the power set of the other 3 characters not to mention that costume is sooo WIN!!
  17. id co sign to that, but id also like to see Gambit with longer hair too
  18. talking about games for PC, i wanna know what kinda controller your using, because the sheer thought of playing RE5 on pc sounds soooo boring! (and possibly difficult if your on a keypad)
  19. its actually quite the shame how the world fears nuclear power so much, its actually a clean source of power (whens the last time you heard of a meltdown happening?) free power, for every man. . . someplace to plug in my phone. . .
  20. I know, with zero explanation why. You're just supposed to accept it and pretend that he always was. Just like with Catwoman and Kojak. And I'm getting a little tired of Samuel now. He's the same in every movie. Jamie Foxx also wants to be James Bond and a number of people have said the next James Bond should be black. The question is not 'Why not?', it's 'Why?' Why change the ethnicity of an established character? The answer is to try to appeal to a black audience who've complained about the apparent lack of high profile black heroes. But the more sensible solution would surely be to create new characters to fill that role, rather than to change ones that already exist. I doubt Mr. T would like that. He'll be played by some random rapper that I don't know, the entire cast has been revealed for the A Team film accept for Howling Mad Murdock. Point proven. You can make an established white character black and there's no problem. But you dare to make an established black character white and there'd be hell to pay. Didn't know about Christian Bale, he's just a current white actor that came to mind. Iron man's alternate should be War Machine. A cool black hero, by the way. Mr. T is not as racist as you are, and a Samoan who could act would be would be perfect for BA Baracus! and Jamie Foxx is a great actor, but point in fact, will never be James Bond, Period. If there where any great British black actors that could fit the part of a fictional character, then by all means go for it! People just want to be entertained,and if they cant look past something like that, then they themselves have problems for example, Interview with a Vampire is one of my favorite movies/books ever, Antonio Banderas did not fit the part of Armand (who's physically supposed to resemble a red haired 17 year old boy of slavic ancestry) am i supposed to be angered that instead his roll was filled by a 30 something year old spic? fuck no! he played his roll well, besides its all fiction! just roll with it son! as for the Ultimate Universe? YES you dont need an explanation why he's black because they re-birthed all the marvel characters! i mean ultimate Cable is a old version of wolverine, and he's a founding member of the x men in the ultimate universe i have the feeling iceman uses the word niggER alot
  21. if you were black id call you an Uncle Tom
  22. wow, what a shitty alternate costume i was hoping they would give us Bucky/Winter Soldier-Cap with de gun shit, the typical US agent pallet swap would have been better than that costume!
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