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  1. Uh, Kingdom Hearts: Flames of Judgement? You just got my kind of excited there, until I realized you actually meant Vandal Hearts.... There's a lot of gore in the game, yes? Based on the reviews I've read, this new Vandal Hearts doesn't quite stand up to the originals. YES! THEY BROUGHT BACK THE BLOODY DEATHS THAT MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH T HE ORIGINAL!!! Not saying it stands up to the originals (plural) would be iffy just because it is not as good as vandal hearts 1, WAAAAY better than vandal hearts 2 either way, im a huge fan of Tactical RPGS, i wish they would make new Tactics Orge games for next gen systems, but they dont and i dont trust any of those arc system works/atlus titles to ever be any good because they always have a very generic animie feel (although i did enjoy Disgaea and luminous arc)
  2. i just played Kingdom Hearts: Flames of Judgement demo, i dont like the art style, and i think it takes a bit too long to load, but i love the gameplay and the return of blood gushing deaths! i plan on buying the full version as soon as i get paid
  3. Ichi - a female version/continuation of the zatoichi franchise , it was decent 8/10 DAYBREAKERS, surprisingly good! 8/10
  4. Natal Martial arts classes would be a cool ass concept too! fuck wii fit!
  5. DBZ needs removed from the face of the earth, in it's entirety...especially the games. I say Mega Man, maybe something else, but not a fighting game. deflecting projectiles and doing the hadoken motion to shoot fireballs would be the fuckin' PWN
  6. id really love to see a first person DBZ game for natal MAKANKOSAPPO!!!!
  7. i love the sig but why is the limey of all people explaining it to everyone, i was getting stoned and laughing about this shit with when it first aired, does this garbage even air in the UK?
  8. was mass Effect even good? is it really a RPG with 3rd person shooter elements? i never played ME1 and am wondering if 19.99 is worth the downloading the first installment on my 360 (which id say yes, if its a good game)
  9. went to a few underground venues in OAK-TOWN to see see a hip hop girl trio called HOT TUB then saw a really awesome rock duo called THE LOVEMAKERS then got trashed and participated in some swinger sex.
  10. Puerto ricans speak spanish?!?!?!!?!?!? spanglish mostly, but yea! just finished district 9, it was entertaining, but defiantly not a movie id see more than once
  11. Carriers, it was decent Che (with benicio del toro) part 1 , its decent so far, however im still under the assumption that del toro is an uncle tom that doesnt really speak/know spanish despite being peurto rican
  12. none of those games even turn me on at this current moment, id rather buy drugs and play my old titles
  13. Volcano High (the original Korean version) it was entertaining.
  14. just because teeny boppers are all into twilight doesnt mean vampires arent cool anymore, although it is becoming cliche with true blood, and that other vampire show
  15. Korean Vampire movie called Thirst, it was pretty entertaining
  16. Johnny Got His Gun . . . . . its a must see for those with netflix
  17. lately i have been jumping back on RE5 since i never got infinite ammo on all weapons, sort of looking forward to the DLC too!
  18. i miss cheats/mods (ala codebreaker/gameshark) i remember the much added reply value it adds to alot of games (especially FF tactics)
  19. i am not addicted to drugs. . . . . . im addicted to glamour
  20. fan service! HOLLA!!! lolz, i dunno but honestly the first game feels overall more fun
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