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  1. Cheers for all hackers from the world and greetingzzzzzzzzzzz for all sharer's! My Xfire is: raticus1981
  2. I'm not a kind of pornoholic, erotic maniac or nymphoGUY but i watching porn on vhs in 1992 when i haved 10 years old! Exite thing for a very young brain! Now I'm old and I have no any future and meaning of life! This planet earth is sick! We got horny bitches and katholics virgins! All porno maniacs share the porn on p2p and warez! Better scenes and priceless stuff! Stream don't have good rare porn! GenomeX aka GENOTYPE of drug-0-fuckA(A) alcoholicXxX! We all good know one thing: "Sperm in the pink pussy!".
  3. Wank time! Sperm explode on my belly! Hand job for fun and hot short orgasm!

  5. When we got love chick from USA can be a wife man from Somalia or Congo! FTWT! - FUCK THE WORK TODAY! I am the last priest on this sick planet earth! No condoms! No pills! No drugs! No alcohol! I'm not a kind of wifer or pregnantmaker! But I like young happy virgins! Chicks from work, school, libary, church, pub, discoteqe or from party! Yours choice! Social status and same IQ and the baby is born! We all are sons of biggest fuckers on this planet! Teenagers charming love is short and got no any future! Divorce on over! Be smart all!
  6. Mario is dead! Eminem is dead! Luigi is dead! Sonic is dead! Resolution in game is not a POWERmeter of fun und honey and cool! GHAH - Games Has A Home. Pobajerzymy se trochę i odrobinkę wesołkowato o życiu und luźno and wykwintnie? Moje gg to 5473221 Very smart und cool and wise powiedzenie anglosaskie z USA rodem: PUT OWN COCK IN THE WAX AND PAY A YOUR LAST TAX IN BUCKS! WHAT A FUCK? PUSSY UND CRACK!
  7. Princess brain working hard! Lazy woman want a worker! Girl who like books is for a book maniac! Daugter who have fater with tatoo taking this type of man! Daugter of daddy who break the law take a thug. Stupid babes with low-iq want a brainless insect. Believers make a sex with atheists. Eminem can be husband of lady Diana! Worcaholic vs lazyholics! War always on top! A lot lonley girls we have! Beauty and smart! Divorce is a pathology! Be a free man's! Mariagge is a boring! Pussy colletor's vs monogamic fathers and baby makers! A lot people dre ain social benefit's from biggest countries in this planet! Easy work, fat belly's and low money from work! Sperm in the pussy and baby of a loosers! Chocobo soup with peopper und peperoni! Woman must be young, sexy, healthy and funny without any pathological personality! Real and pure baby from a paradise and anime movie! This my post is a joke!
  8. My buddy like Diablo 3! I am fan of D1 on PSX! OLD GOOD TIMES! Pad and wizard is a key! Not hard game! Diablo 4 in 2024 coming soon in close future!
  9. Fire and the Brimstone mp3 RIP'ped by TITAN (Amiga 500). I love this track!OC REMIX AND AMIGA REMIX! Free music for all! Good times from past! DE CAP ATTACK, COLUMNS 3, Burning Fight, Magician Lord, Death Rally, FF7 & Tekken 2 soundtrack! I love music from the VF4 and Tekken 3!
  10. Best womans have USA, JAP, Scandinavia and NL! Young for old und daughter of alcoholic for a toxicomaniac! Sporty chick for guy who loves sport and active life! Daughter of pornoholic for man who loves porn! Inteligents for high or highest education people! Bubba for a redneck daughter! Sciencisc for doctors, funny guys for a easy chicks! Unmaterial love or smart brains tactics pregnancy? Mafia boss daughter for a dealer, childs of politics for a mirror of themselves! Hardcore gamers and movie maniacs or music liseners for a bad or good critics!
  11. Cheers und greetz for a rutran aka big ass from emulation1 board1 Neo Geo emulator for Xbox 1 never die in my ruined brain cells! Very good idea!
  12. Liers have a small brains with damagged and ruined brain cells!
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