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  1. why do you hate doctor phil!? whats he done thats so bad!?
  2. i love going around second hand shops. in the uk all dreamcast games are around £5 now and i got tech romancer and SF aplha 3 for £3 each! not only that but got home and opened up the SF game box and lo and behold no game mannal! BUT in the other side of the cd holder i had got a copy of mavel vs capcom for FREE! i had been looking for it for ages anyone else had any shock bargins to beat this one come on! i know it hard but i think someone has
  3. why were they like slaves? did she kiddnap them from there homes and whip them to search for the ticket only joking! just wondering why they helped her? did she offer them a share?
  4. it annoys me when fred drust (or anyone else) uses the words "sick","ill" or "dope" to describe a song they think is good. a bit irrational, i know but thats whats this threads for
  5. wow how did you get so many people here gamecop? i remember about six months ago nobody chatted on here. it must be the SVC rom that everyone keeps going on about
  6. do you or anyone you know have gaming ticks? my mate rubs his nose before every go!
  7. i manged to get billy hatcher on the GC for £20 quid and bloodryane £10 and DChead hunter for £10 at game station, best game bargins i have found in the uk anyway!
  8. any band who can sell coffins as merchandise, ROCK! has anyone seen them live?
  9. i like brandy snaps and chestnuts! they are the only 100% xmas foods!(apart from turkey)
  10. can you play these DC games OFFLINE? i realy want to get PSO but only if i can play it without anyone else ruining it for me!
  11. doesnt it have big buttons that the harder you hit the more damage is done to your opponent?
  12. thanks alot i have it working now it was not running past the setup screen i had to set win 2000 compatilbliy on the installation prog and then install patch 1.2 only!
  13. i cant get it to work on XP i have tried the compatibilty wizard but no luck. (and a patch). has any1 got it working on XP? i need help please!
  14. Jayce and the wheeled warroirs theme "keep on rollin"
  15. this old speccy game has been updated to the pc! here the url for downloads http://retrospec.sgn.net/games/hoh/index.html
  16. i have seen this mentined in many US films (dude you got to second base!?") but what are the four bases? i rekon 1: kiss 2: fiddle 3: marriage? 4: divorce
  17. sorry! i have just got my new pc and i can actally run N64 roms now!
  18. i am onto Diablo 2 its pretty good if a bit slow to stat up
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