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  1. Post your favorite jokes here,. this might be a good topic.

    try not to make them too long as i have a very short attention span.


    Two kids are sitting up stairs one is 7 one is 4. the 7 year old says, " its time we started swearing, when we go down for breakfast, say something bad."


    so they go down for breakfast and mum says "what do you want?"

    the 7 year old says "i want F****** co co pops mum"


    and the mother says "dear God! get to your room!"

    the 7 year old runs off crying

    the mum turns to the 4 year old and says "what do u want?"


    he says, "i don't know but i dont want F****** co co pops!"

  2. oh no! i cant believe that site is down, it one of the first emu sites i ever used! i cant believe that they could really upset anyone or spoiling profits why bother closing them down?


    i want a minutres slience in respect


    *plays last post on Bugle*

  3. how can u say, that maxi, the nunchacku guy, is unplayable


    he is too short range for me, i like him in soul edge, but i am getting ticked off with soul caiber now, i block i lose, i attack i lose, (when against a human!) i liked the weapon gauges of the first one alot better

  4. has anyone else seen this movie?

    this is one of the greatest films i have ever seen if you liked donnie darko and wierd stuff watch this.


    oh, and question: which movie had the biggest impact on you?

    (this might not be your favorite film)


    i would go for brazil :wink:

  5. i agree gamecop i just got M vs Capcom this morning and the music is already driving me mad but it is one of the best fighting games.


    i would also give a shout to soul calibaur and soul edge.


    does anyone know why they got rid of the weapon gauges?

  6. i just remebered another couple!

    citites of gold and dogatian!


    oh and does any one remember the name of the cartoon where a little brown dog had to find his master who i think had moved and think it was by hanna barabara and he had lots of dog friends?

  7. Shenmue 2 for £6  :roll: Bargain.


    It's one of my favourite ever games and probably the best looking thing on the Dreamcast. And the 3rd disk..........words cannot describe how amazing it is.


    i get all my DC games from cash converters they are very cheap.


    i have just got onto the third disk of shenmue 2, its very cool, i am also realy impressed by soul caliber and jet set radio,


    i wil also be getting the mighty marvel vs capcom 2 off e bay! i cant wait for that one

  8. yea!! i back i have just got crappy AOL back online so what have i missed??


    i hate moving house, this is the 5th time i moved in ten years! and i have only moved a 5 minute walk upthe road :roll:


    i have been buying a lot more dreamcast stuff, i got shenmue 2 for £6 and street fighter third stike for a fiver!

  9. Wow so much good nostalgia. Does anyone know where I can download any epidsodes of all these cartoons and any of the others mentioned?


    i have most of those theme tunes, so u could get them off me at dc ++

    i have ulysses and chip n dale loads of the one u mentioned included the racoons end tune as a proper song! :roll:.


    for epidoses i have seen this place but cant try it cos off my 56k modem



    its quite easy to find web sites with themes on with google

  10. the best 80's cartoons must be dugeons and dragons, jayce and the wheeled warroirs, transformers, willy fogg, cities of gold, willl o wisp, he- man and jem, if anyone needs any theme tunes just ask me, i have everything.

    PS add any others u think r classics cos the 80's was the best decasde for cartoons ever!

  11. hulk opens on the 18 july in the uk but i went to the preview last night and i thoiught the hulk looked great and, true, it was slow paced at the beginning and a bit confusing at the end, i cant see why kids would want to watch it.


    but i did enjoy it and i liked the changes to the origin apart from the nanomeds, what r they, small medical robots?


    oh and it was great when he grows larger when he gets angry

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