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  1. Im going to go in front of the Sega Headquarters and rip my shirt off and with a knife carve DC2 in my chest and bleed all over the sidewalk screaming and foaming out the mouth untill i eventually die/get shot by someone/get thrown into the looney van.


    Then maybe they will listen.....


    ok this sounds like a plan, i will Smear excrement around you in the shape of a dreamcast logo which you are in the middle of when you pass out from blood loss, that will get us a new sega console.

  2. you can play diablo 2 without a doubt, however jedi knight is a no no.


    the blizzard site says you can play world of warcraft with a 56K modem but i will believe that when i find someone who has done it.

  3. We all know that downloading ROMS is illegal unless you have the board or the cartridge.


    Well, this is what I heard from a friend.. "Some Government Agents are posing as a gamer in forums.. and they try to ask some rom dumps..."


    Our gov't here in the Philippines is really pushing hard for Anti-Piracy Laws.. and that includes roms..



    tsk... tsk... tsk..


    yeah i heard this too, they have their HQ under the pentagon, its called the ant farm, and they employ 100's of people to try and catch gamers with illegal ROMs.


    good job if you can get it.

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