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  1. My golf buggy is full of fishermen.


    this topic reminds me of that bit in Monty python film "meaning of life"


    business meeting


    man1:"so are reports show that

    1. people aren’t wearing enough hats

    2. Man is easily distracted from important issues

    now on to the meaning of the universe and life itself,to maximize happy.."


    man2: "sorry what was that about hats"

    man3: "people aren’t wearing enough hats"

    man4: "so how can we increase hats in the general population?....."

  2. Guys I have discussed this matter with Fatal over AIM for awhile and I can tell you this....Fatal is not the one coming onto the girl....she is coming onto him.....He is having his doubts thats why he came here for some advice.....


    So don't start mouthing off when you don't know the full story....

    hey it's up to him as well! he can't just say "woah she coming onto me!"


    it takes two to tango!

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