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  1. I havn't seen the movie yet but i heard plot wise it doesn't compare to the first.


    As for ZION it is the last remaining "real" (non computer) part of the world (is underground at the earth's core were it is still hot) and the matrix is trying to find it to eliminate all pure humans.  Now that's according to the first movie, who knows if it has changed, directors seem to change things in sequals sometimes.


    yeah but there too much there too much of it in the film! it boring! :)

  2. the thing that everyone mis quotes darwin on is that we are all came from monkeys the real thing is that we all shared a common ansecestor that got wipe out on the past.


    evolution happenens over many milliions of years and has very little to do with mutation

  3. i can answer this being a BSc in zoology :happy:


    its the egg because dinosaurs and reptiles laid them before birds were around!


    there are some intetresting things going on in evolutionary sceince and we have only touched the tip the the iceburg.


    my fav fact is that of all the species on earth we have only given names to 1 million.


    It is Conservatively estimated that there are 14 million we havent even named! i saw a video of a professor in the rain forest going up to a tree, put some paper underneth, shook the tree. he examined the paper and all he was saying was "new species, new species, never seen that before..."


    makes you think

  4. by the way the rules are no special "iron shoes!" its just you and the animal in one big fight-for-life-survival-of-the-fittest ruck.


    i dont think anyone could take down a donkey or cow they would beat the crap out of you


    i would say at a push i might take on a chimp :happy:

  5. i think on line gaming is a load of b*****ks. i cant work out why people would cheat in this way ok in a single player game where u are stuck, but in a multiplayer game? what do they do? sit there at home thinking they are the greatest players of all time? it ruins it for every1. i remember in the old days of team fortress when you could move around for more than 2 secs b4 being shot. you can always work out when there are cheaters as you never improve with time. :happy:

  6. one of the sections thats overlooked on this forum would be the reivews section. i think we should start it off again (every1 do one game, ill have Alien Vs Predator Pls! :happy: ).


    Also maybe introduce a section where we can vote for our favorite games of all time for each system so anyone new to the forums could see what we are all into and people could uncover gaming gems they have never heard of.


    let me know what you think!

  7. poo or willy  :(


    :) Good British words there. The word jobby is also great. I used to say it all the time when I was little but I don't use it anymore.


    BRING BACK JOBBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!


    yeah and shafted, wee wee and shagged out!

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