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  1. you can have a game on a limitless amount of CDs but i dont know any game on two carts so on a cart if something dont fit in they will remove it. most importantly u can mircowave cds and make a cool lighting effect in your microwave (if you dont care about your face too much)! so in conclusion i would say i am for carts. (loading times really tick me off) :roll::P

  2. i think it was definetly a good thing to rid the world of saddam even if they are not doing it 4 the right reasons. i did not like the media reporting of the war cos they missed all the other important world news such as massive new offisves by US troops in afganistan (excuse my spelling pls!). also the fact that japan lauched a spy satillite which the N. koreans took as an aggressive act! :roll:

  3. oh right!

    how about "clone this!"

    from sixth day, theres another great one from that film but i haven't seen it for a long time.

    i also love that bit in commando where he rips the womans seat out of her car for no reason, just so he can crouch down. also when u see all the bad guys go flying on the spring boards on the lawn cos they could b bothered to cover them up :wink:

  4. whats every one been listening to lately? i have been listening to a lot of ramones, cure and KISS. my top five albums would be (in no order)


    1. Greenday-Dookie

    2. GNR- Appitite for destruction

    3. Jimmy eat world- clarity

    4. Less than jake - boarders and boundries

    5. Smashing Pumpkins - mellioncollie and the infinute sadness

  5. whats your fav arine film then? i think mine would have to be total recall, its still great today and no matter what any nerd says u cant work out if its in his head or not!


    i also like commando where his nemisis is a pumped up freddy mercury :wink:

  6. how about jill and chris in resident evil? it takes them ages to work out the "THINGS" are zombies, jill and barry split up to "cover more ground". jill finds a piece of paper telling her to kill the zombies by shooting them in the head but carries on shooting them in the chest :)

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