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  1. we didnt kill iquais thru sections sadam did he didnt let the keruds have the aid we gave them (well techiqilly he did but they had to come down from their stronghlod in the mountains and he would have killed them)


    plus sadam was the master of propaganda, he used to keep all the badies he had staved to death and then pardade the funels all toghter to say "this is how many babies the west have killed in a week"


    clever guy but all the sick flocks are :wink:

  2. right i am moving house soon so this might take a long time but i was thinking games seem v popular on this forum so i would try and start one up.


    u ask a question which can b answer yes or no and try and guess which game character i am first one right gets a point.


    PS start up your own with new topic and 20 questions <insert number here>


    i await your questions

  3. Hehe...I wish I could make 100....don't think I have even made 10 yet.  Just afraid cause if I said something stupid, you'd think it was just to get posts...


    i think its alright to post as long as u have sommething to add and not just


    "umm really... that sounds good"


    but anything is better than people hating "nOObies"


    this site is great as there r no silly questions (expect Disoblige's :lol:)

    and no real level of know how you need to be at so don't be afraid to post new topics!

  4. i think the best attempt at a video game based movie' date=' would probably be resident evil[/quote']Now that was an interesting film that was actually quite well executed but was slightly spoilt by a few too many clichés and poor performances.


    what? RE was one of the most serile films i had ever seen the dicetion was terrible and there was no point in having zombies like 70's zombies just biting people and runniing away, this film could have had real terror but they went 4 the early teen market.


    oh i think mario did have potentail as a kids movie think of all the 80s cartoons made as comerials such as transformers, jayce and the wheeled warriors and Dugeons and dragons. these were made as "money spinners" but still turned out well.


    All films are made to make money thats the way its always been


    anyway this is turning into a good discussion :lol:

  5. i agree with u there about the matrix it was just to confuse people into believing it it was psudeo philosophy, i would also reccommend total recall for open endings(love that film) Rushmore and vigin suicides as good films. virging suicides is quite open ended

  6. P.S... the ending = paradox, nothing more or less than that. If you liked that film try Punch Drunk Love and Adaptation.


    yeah it is a paradox but its great to think it though and there is a lot more to it than that its all down to donnie, he a hero!

  7. which game do u think is the best? i thought of polling this but couldnt b bothered writting them all out.


    i am playing code verocica on the DC and its preatty good but i would say RE2 was the best, i have still o play nemisis thou

  8. Hey! MarkT hijacked my topic! (then again find one he hasn't! :wink: )


    heres what i thougth it was about, i have only seen it once and havent read the time travel book on the web site cos i think it would spoil it for me anyway SPOILERS









    Donnie has mental problems and has to take medication. His mental problems make him more open to things we cant see or interpret.


    The plane crashes and Donnie was out he should have died then


    (by the way did any1 else notice the wired swirlly bit in the middle of the jet engine? Could that b significant?)


    life carries on for Donnie, frank visits him as he will die now in this future and can redeem himself and setting the time line right


    frank prepares Donnie with clues on time travel


    Donnie starts to see the tracks that life runs on (I thinks the blobs are just where people are going to go) this shows he is grasping the old woman’s concepts


    At the end of the film everything has gone wrong because Donnie didn’t die and the only way every1 will survive is if Donnie dies as:


    The meeting is never held about the burst water pipe and the book is never brought up which means the fear bloke never gets caught which means his mom never takes a quick flight home as the other woman goes with the dancers and will stay over night as she is not worried about donnie. Also he never meets his girl and doesn’t go to the old woman’s house, she and frank don’t die


    Donnie does it for love


    He knows the jet will come thru a time hole to kill him so he goes to bed a waits for it


    This will repeat everything we have seen but with Donnie dead




    PLs tell me what u think its aboout i love hearing diff views on the film :wink:

  9. does anyone here have a favorite comic book?

    i used to be into comics when i saw younger but now i only buy the occsional graphic novel.


    my favorites are swamp thing and preacher, has any1 read them?


    what are yours favs?

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