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  1. anyone else here a big fan of this game?

    my problem is i have nearly finished it and was wondering if anyone could recomend any other games like it for any system.

    i have GC and PC and a DC so anything for these would be best :blink:

  2. what makes an old school gamer?

    someone who plays old games or was there at the time?

    what are old school games? pac man? asteroids? Street fighter 2?

    i had a c64 computer so does that mean i am old school?


    hang on, is it good to be considered old school,

    "yes, i am an old school gamer. i have wasted all these years playing games" :blink:

  3. Well I was thinking we could make it characters from one game, but then people would fight as to which character was better etc, so there would be no way to work out a worst--to--best characters list.

    if it goes that way. it should be street figher. its the most popular and we could do a poll to decide the most popular characeter


    EDIT in regard to GC post i didnt have an specific idea. but i will try to think of one now. i have just noticed on other sites when theres prestisge at stack every gets posting! :lol:


    PS the site i saw let people change thier avatar to a custom one but we already let that happen here!

  4. i am not sure if this has been suggested b4 but, when you get to 100 post you become a premimum member.

    why not expand the system with a differnet member type for 200 and 300..etc. people like that kind of stuff.

    i saw it on a film forum once and they had things like test pilot, wing-ace star ship commander, stuff like that

  5. Right about two years ago i was this US show.

    it was something like "murder dectives", you know the sort.

    well it had this part about people in a snowy part of the USA getting shot in the forest at night BUT there was only their tracks found in the snow.

    so, this goes on for a couple of years a regular intervals and the police have no idea whats happening.


    untill one day, some police officer THINKS he works it out (eg this might not be true no evidence at all)


    the murders happened when the circus comes to town (cue grainy footage of people walking though town)


    and i kid you not


    focuses in on a CLOWN! in slits!

    they reckcon this guy stood on his stilts at night with a gun, in a forrest on stilts ran after people and shot them in the head


    thus no foot prints!


    this clown guy never came back again!


    Right if someone had told me this i wouldn't believe it but it was on tv :lol:


    so i have looked on the net for urban ledgends and such things but never found out

    about it


    so does anyone know anything about it?

    it was one of those seroius tv shows not a "worlds craziest jay walkers with guns show!"


    EDIT(thanks Weirdanzeige :)) i did not make it clear this was a documentry type show not a fictional one

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