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  1. The max you can get in this country is about 200kb/s with cable.


    I know plenty of people in the Netherlands and the USA that download nearly 2 Megabytes a second.


    I want those speeds  :lol:

    I hear that, are taxes in crease wile are services decrease...


    We need a band like system of a down for england only, i would personaly smack tony blairs head.


    Oh yeah i think blue yonder do a meg connection and its based in england.

    blues yonder do a 2mb connection now!

    but they are only based in brum and liverpool :lol:

  2. i haven't posted for a while as i have started a new job and an MSc in information systems. very hard work!

    i am going to buy a new Pc base what odo you guys think of this?


    AMD Athlon XP 3000+ Processor

    512Mb DDR RAM

    120Gb Hard Drive

    DVD & DVDRW separate Drives

    128Mb FX5200 Graphics

    1 Firewire Socket

    56K Modem

    Windows XP Home Operating system

    Works v 7.0 plus many more

    1 Year Free Onsite Guarantee

    should run H2!

  3. As for the ring, well i was a big wuss with that one i thoght i was going to have a heart attack. :lol:

    emsley u should watch dark water its's got the same writer/director as ringu and i crapped my pants at it but its a real slow burner :(


    PS u know the matrix reloaded is just an ad for the next one AND its really boring but then again i did enjoy hulk and T3!


    i saw sixth day last fri

    Arnie :"u should clone yourself"

    bad Guy: "why? so i can c things from your unique perspective?"

    Arnie "no, so u can go F**k yourself!"



  4. err... god didnt make dinosaurs first (if at all) single cells in the sea thingscame first and before them strings of protein.

    followed by loads of freaky things!


    i dont see why creationists get so angry about evolution, they can think god just made it all happen but i suppose they take the bible seroiusly and literally word for word :)

  5. US has "paler" beers such as rolling rock for a crisp taste.

    i think it depends on the hops you use too as stelar artois is 5% just like bud but it sends me loopy after two pints!

    in britain we also have a lot of bitters (boddingtons & john smiths) and stouts (guiness & murphys) do they have them in the US?

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