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  1. are any of the members of emulforums girls? do any of you lots sisters or girl friends play games? what do they like? me and my girl play alot of marvel vs capcom, she has completed donkney kong on the N64 and the first one on the snes and likes games like pikmin and spider-man!

    i was wondering as u dont hear about many girls liking gaming

  2. i wanted to play the four player simpsons game and this kid was on it i asked if i could play with him and he said no and his mum told me to go away. then a giant punk with a green mochian ask politely if he could play as well and the kids mum got him thrown out the arcade! the kid was about the same age as me at the time (11) and every time he died he cleared the continue countdown off the screen and THEN PUT THIS MONEY IN!

  3. The problem he has is the fact that he died and then was "resurected" thus now even when he dies he will never really be killed thus there is no real sense he is risking anything. wait! he is crap isnt he? sod tHis he also wreks the justice league eg


    "theres a big monster over there!"

    "send in the justice league!"

    "batman, you stay there as you are only human, superman hit it really hard"

    Superman: "great job team"


    bit boring aint it?


    but my fav has to be ummm.. SWAMP THING!

  4. which super hero do you think is the best?

    for me its a toss up between spider-man and batman.

    batman for his dark ever comsuming revenge/pyscopathic tendencies and what one man can achieve with bags of cash and determination :wink:

    spider-man with his strong moral code witch he never breaks and he has to learn from his mistakes.

  5. i cheat when the games becomes too difficult and it has stopped being fun anymore. whats the point of dying continually or getting compleltey lost and having to wonder around aimlessly? i cheated on spider-man on the hard level to skip two levels as it had just stopped being fun and i was developing an obsessive/complusive disorder!

  6. I think I should make a forum called:


    Introduce Yourself


    "New to EmulForums? Tell us about yourself and the world of emulation!"


    Wha'ch u think? :lol:


    great idea! "hi, im joey, 5'11 blue eyes, GSOH, non smoker(it ruins my cds) and i love ladies and the X box" :jawb::lol::D

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