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  1. still havent got the DC yet, i was gonna buy my mates one but it kept reseting!


    i am getting 1 for £24 with keyboard, controller and chu chu rocket.


    i also want to know if this uk DC will play jap and US games cos i read on one site that u need to check if it will. how do i do that b4 i buy?


    are there any other sites where i can learn about the DC?


    Thank in advance 4 the help !

  2. Samus Aran would be an excellent choice for new mascot..


    WT.. i just read someone say that link is DEAD? WTH.. they killed him off in the Windwaker?


    Tho i would like to point out.. anyone notice that all the worlds of Hyrule, it's been different each time? maybe it's alternate universes, so link is only dead in that one world? =)


    i thought that every link was a different one in each game, and they happened 100 years apart or something? link was the chosen one for that time?


    is any of this important?

    do i need to get out more?

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