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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, so should I post my help else where or PM someone? Was just hoping that I was simply doing something wrong lol
  2. Right, so I've been pulling my hair out ever since I managed to get this up and running. Firstly I'd like to thank everyone's work for the fantastic upload and great work thus far. Can't thank you enough Currently I'm running (to my knowledge) the latest installment of Coinops2 (FULL). Took couple of days to download and another simply to unpack and FTP everything over but well worth the wait. I would however like to add more games to the list (mainly my Xbox games). After much frustration and a heap of trail and error. I managed to get some programs to convert videos into .xmv's (damn that took ages). Also managed to get the game (just testing one at the moment) to show in the list of games, and have the corresponding video play in the background (finally). I go to start the game and get: Black screen, wait..... then dashboard. In a fit of rage, I quickly head back to the ReadMe section of the download but still unable to get the blasted thing to work. No matter what I try, it always seems to be the same. Black screen, wait..... dashboard. My current directories are as follows: F:\Games\Xbox Games... F:\Apps\CoinOps2.... Now I've also tried the following "pointer" setups: Roms\Xbox_gamename.zip (containing the corrosponding pointer which reads F:\Games\Xbox Games\Game Name\default.xbe) Result: Failed Roms\Xbox_gamename.zip (blank .zip file) Roms\Xbox_gamename.xbe (pointer file which reads F:\Games\Xbox Games\Game Name\default.xbe) Results: Failed Roms\Xbox_gamename.xbe (pointer file which reads F:\Games\Xbox Games\Game Name\default.xbe) Results: Failed (game not even detected) If I could please get some help on this, that would be greatly appreciated. I have asked elsewhere and have come up empty handed. Ive also spent countless nights trying to nut it out but have failed. There also doesn't appear to be any information about this issue on the internet either?
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