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  1. It's not something I'd be able to code from scratch. Does NestopiaX have support for this? If so then it could possibly be ported to FBL. Don't forget to check out the new DIP switch settings on those games too . As for Trusty Xboxes, who knows? But those games run so well on a standard Xbox I don't think the difference would be noticeable most of the time. I'm afraid not. I've made some changes to the default screen sizes, particularly the vertical games which now use 2 separate sets of values depending on the original resolution of the game. All I can say is that I consider the current default screen sizes to be as good as they can possibly be so there will be no more changes to them in the future.
  2. EspGaluda is working fine here. Check your ROMset, make sure you're running a clean install etc.
  3. Make sure all the files copied over correctly. Also if I remember correctly, CoinOPS requires you to have a certain number of games in your 'roms' folder or something ridiculous like that. To get the best graphics out of your Xbox, you're probably better off with Xbox games but if it's emulator's you're after then (naturally) I would recommend you check out Final Burn Legends. It's an arcade emulator based on FB Alpha with a very polished interface and many options in terms of graphics filters and game configuration. And it doesn't require that you jump through hoops to get it running; just copy the files over to your Xbox, put some ROMs (however many) in the 'roms' folder and enjoy some awesome arcade games looking better than they will on any other emulator.
  4. Slightly OT but iq_132 has mentioned on the Neosource boards that he's in the process of porting a newer version of the V25 core to FB Alpha which should add sound to Toaplan games like Batusgun and Dogyuun that currently run with no sound. Exciting stuff about Yabause though. Nice to see real Xbox development is still alive. Kudos to all involved.
  5. Most games will but a few will have changed. You'll have to use the DATs to find out exactly what you have and what you're still missing. The next build of FBL will use the ROM set.
  6. With the encrypted parent sets for these games, the NeoGeo driver decrypts the ROMs as part of the loading process. However, this process takes between 1-2 mins. Using a pre-decrypted set skips this and so the game will load much faster. These sets are effectively hacks since there were very few actual arcade boards that used decrypted ROMs, as such they've been removed from the latest build of FB Alpha. I'll be keeping them in FBL though since on Xbox hardware the difference in loading times is very noticeable.
  7. If you're having trouble finding decrypted ROMs then it might interest you to know that earlier versions of FB Alpha prior to have the option to extract and save decrypted ROMs when loading a game.
  8. No idea. It was doing exactly the same thing for me in 1.666 but I found the problem in the driver and fixed it in 1.7; now it works as it should. I'd suggest not altering the ROMset in any way then maybe try it with a completely clean install of the emulator.
  9. Almost definitely a problem with your ROMset. It's working perfectly here.
  10. This is just a small update to fix some games that were broken in 1.666. Thanks to gamez fan for bringing them to my attention. + T + Downloads: The usual places.
  11. There do seem to be issues with one or two of the PGM sets. No problem, I'll get them fixed in the next build.
  12. I just tested it on my 1.7WIP build and it plays very well. Try it and let me know if works on 1.666.
  13. Thanks for the reports. Bonk's Adventure is now fixed and working again. I'll look at Super Chase and see if anything can be done.
  14. aburner is a clone of aburner2. 99war is a clone of repulse. guwanges is a part of MAME 0.143u9. I added this set as an extra before FB Alpha was released with official support for it and the other 0.143u9 ROMsets. Try centering your thumbsticks.
  15. I forgot to mention it in the changelog but you can now control the throttle in After Burner using the L & R triggers. Source is now up.
  16. Just to say; I can't seem to log back onto the server to upload the source. It keeps telling me I'm already logged in. Will give it a couple of hours then try again.
  17. Final Burn Legends 1.666 This latest build of FBL has taken a lot longer to be released than I originally planned. This is due to the fact that FB Alpha has become very active again lately, with no less than five updates in the last few weeks, and the extra time has been spent updating the FBL codebase with these changes. This release is based on FB Alpha which is actually one release behind the PC version but since this build was completed I decided to release it now rather than push it back yet again while I implement the changes in The next build will be based on the latest FB Alpha version, but at least this way I don't feel under so much pressure to get it done. Please see notes below the changelog for installation and other important information. Have a great Halloween! + T + NOTES: - This version requires a CLEAN INSTALLATION. If you just copy the files over an earlier version you will most likely experience problems. Please only report issues if you are running a clean install. - The ROM set in FB Alpha has been updated to match MAME 0.143u8. Use the DATs provided in the tools\ folder to check you have the correct sets. - A good note from the original author is worth repeating: RELEASE THE SOURCE! Don't take mine or anyone else's work and not release the source. Everyone should get to benefit and future developers should be able to improve the code whenever current development stops. Downloads: Binaries and source in the usual places. Screenshots, marquees, and titles are available in the FBL Extras package here: FBL Extras: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GTSXS4OJ Many thanks to: - nes6502 for his excellent Xbox port of FBA. - Barry Harris for his work on FBA. - iq_132 for the Xbox PGM drivers and countless other driver additions. - kenshiro for all his help and support. - The Neosource community for many FBA code updates and fixes. - Alinky for her HDTV testing.
  18. Most Xbox emulators are designed to be run at 60Hz. So I'd recommend using PAL60 for everything to avoid potential problems. So-called pixel perfect settings just display a game at double its native internal resolution, that's all it is. So some games won't fit your screen and others will display black bars. Personally I wouldn't recommend these settings. Without purchasing additional hardware, the only way to make your games fit your screen and look as they would look playing on the original system is to use a hardware filter.
  19. Yeh, maybe I should look at making FBL more gimmicky. I'll see what I can do.
  20. Ok, just a WIP update: I've made a start updating the FBL codebase to FB Alpha However there are quite a few changes across the whole source that may take some time to properly implement and test, the new NeoGeo code in particular has changed massively from previous builds so I'll need to see if the existing VMM routines can be used or whether the NeoGeo driver needs to be frozen as it is until some new VMM code can be written by someone more knowledgeable than me. All in all, there's quite a bit of work to do. So rather than keep pushing the release of FBL 1.6 back, I've decided to stick to my original plan which was for a Halloween release. So, all being well, tomorrow I'll release 1.6 which will be based on the FB Alpha code and hopefully not too long after I'll release the next build which will be (as much as possible) based on
  21. FB Alpha has now been released with another impressive changelog. Lol. Seems like every time I'm getting set to release FBL1.6 this happens and gives me more work to do updating the core. I'm not complaining though; it's great to see the project so alive.
  22. To revisit a point I made some time ago; changes in FBL1.6 are almost entirely focused on the emulation side of things, not the UI. Basically if I start working on implementing a bunch of new UI features or options at this stage then it's just going to push an already long overdue release even further down the road. So these kind of requests are best left for 1.7.
  23. If you want an extensive list of the changes to the emulation core you could always check out the changelogs for the latest builds of FB Alpha over at http://www.barryharris.me.uk/.
  24. My list of things to do is getting shorter. What's taken more time than I anticipated is looking at where the updated FB Alpha code was impacting performance and making changes that allow FBL to keep all the new driver improvements and added games while maintaining the performance of past builds. This has gone extremely well but has also been extremely time consuming where my time was already quite limited. I've got one more driver that I need to look at (Darius 2), a few minor tweaks here and there, and then that will be FBL1.6. (That's assuming there isn't another release of FB Alpha in the meantime)
  25. Some good news; thanks to some helpful info and code posted by iq_132 over at the Neosource forum performance in the new Irem drivers has increased significantly. The R-Type games (including Leo) are very playable in FBL now.
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