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  1. Is it too hard to point me to a faq or example of how to get this to work lol? I have been looking. I can always do witbout coin ops 2, just want my original xbox to be as sweet as possible.
  2. I am totally new to using or working coin ops. I figured that i had to edit the path.ini to make sure the path settings to the correct roms folder was correct. Is that right? And i copied a bunch of sega genesis roms to the /roms folder and specificed that path in the path.ini. And i get to hte home screen, press any key, then keeps waiting then goes back to home page. Did i miss setting up some paths or xml or ini file somewhere? And do roms have to be zipped or unzipped? And i don't get or understand do some roms have to be in different folders? Thanks..
  3. First off, I have 2 xbox's, 1 softmodded with 500 gig hd, the other just unmodded. Right now, I am having problems with getting Coin Ops 2 R10 to work correctly on my xbox, I had never used coin ops 2 before, so I really dont' know what to do lol I downloaded it, and ftped it over to the correct folder. When I run it on my xbox, it show's the logo, press any key. I press a key, and then it says please wait, and goes back to the logo page. I am sure I did something wrong lol. I just want to have it working. Do any of you have your favorite emulators, that get the best graphics out of the xbox? And any suggestions how to launch the emulators from xbmc? Thanks, and I still love my original xbox.
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