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  1. That being said, there's more to it than just updating the existing sets, it's also about adding new sets. For example, there have been many new sets released in the last few versions of MAME. These newer sets often have bugs fixed or sometimes even features added compared with the older revisions. So even purely from a gaming perspective it's preferable to support the latest ROMs since you know you'll always be playing the best version of your chosen game. It also makes it easier for people to acquire the necessary ROMs as a complete FBL set can be easily built from the latest MAME set without the need to hunt around many different sources for compatible ROMs.
  2. It's not just a matter of whether the games work fine or not. The latest MAME sets in most cases reflect newer and more accurate dumps of the original boards. This may not mean much if you just want to play the games, but to anyone who is more seriously interested in emulation (such as myself) it means a great deal to have the most recent sets supported. And just a little heads-up; anyone who doesn't like updating their ROMs is going to hate FBL1.6!
  3. ClrMAMEPro has a function whereby it will create a DAT form whatever ROMs you have in a folder. So technically you could create whatever custom DAT files you like. Removing the ROM information from the DAT file won't have any effect on the ROM name that appears in the emulator as the names are a hardcoded part of FBA. You can create a favourites file though, containing all your games, and remove any unwanted ROM information using any text editor that supports replacing strings with regular expressions.
  4. Implementing that would take me a lot more time than it would take you to simply back up your favourites file.
  5. I've no clue about that really, and I'm not sure how appropriate a public repository would be given how disorganised and experimental my work on FBL so often is. The Xbox scene is so small nowadays, just a core group of people so it's also questionable to how many people such a thing would actually be useful. Of course I will always release a full sourcecode with every build of FBL and I'll gladly share my WIP source with anyone who wants it. That's excellent advice and is pretty much exactly what I've been doing . I've gotten a fairly good idea of where my limits are, and while I'm constantly trying new things, I usually know before I start what's going to work and where I'm going to hit a brick wall due to lack of coding knowledge. But I learn a bit more each time which keeps it rewarding for me. It's very fortunate we have guys like iq_132 and kenshiro working on this project as well though as they can do things on a level I could never realistically hope to.
  6. kenshiro has just finished a major overhaul of the NeoGeo code which will be in FBL1.6. Next he's very kindly agreed to take a look at the few remaining games that still need VMM (including DD Crew). This is great news as it means that it may be possible to have every supported game working without memory issues and will possibly allow new games such as Lord Gun/Alien Challenge to be added. However kenshiro is away at the moment taking a well-deserved break. So let's all wish him a good time and hope he's still happy to continue his fine work on FBL when he returns.
  7. Slight problem with that; the FBA code does not currently contain any flags that distinguish adult games from non-adult games. So unless you can provide me with a list of all the games you want excluded, I'm afraid it's a bit of a non-starter.
  8. The Zsnexbox code is very different to FBL, though the UI's look the same. It would probably be more constructive just to look at the FBL scanline filter and adjust the intensity values there. It's on my list of things to do but I've got several other things at the moment that I'm trying to figure out so for now it will have to wait. Same answer as above really. The fast forward feature is also on my list as I think it could be fairly easily ported over from FBA-XXX Pro but there are other areas I'm focusing on at the moment. The biggest problem I would have with this feature would be what button or button combination to assign it to. Mapping it to the right thumbstick as in Pro isn't an option since there a few games in FBL that use the right thumbstick. In FBL1.5 I tried my best to implement as many of the requested features as possible, but I have to be aware of the difference between people requesting things that they just think would be a nice addition and things that they will actually use. I'm really no coder, so even simple things take me a fair bit of time. As such, in FBL1.6 I'm giving priority to things I want to implement myself rather than requests; for example updating all the supported ROMsets to match MAME and going through the code of a couple of FBA derivatives to improve the core emulation. These two things alone are massively time-consuming but reflect the areas that I prefer to focus on (getting analog controls working across the board is now also a top priority). I will go back to the UI items in due course but I don't know how many of them will make it into v1.6.
  9. While on the subject of controls, I just happened across something rather interesting. While FBA's analog joystick code doesn't seem to work in FBL at all, the mouse input code actually works perfectly on the left thumbstick. This means I now have a way of implementing analog controls in games that support it (including lightgun games). The only downside at the moment is that only 1 mouse is supported, so 2 players can't both have analog controls but I'm experimenting with ways to make it work for both players.
  10. No problem. It will be in 1.6. I think that would be pushing things too far in terms of memory. Thanks for pointing out the issue with SDI, I'll fix it for 1.6. Samurai Shodown 5 Special works perfectly here, sounds like your ROM is incorrect. Also I have no control issues with Power Instinct Legends; maybe try a different controller or change the deadzone settings.
  11. The Genesis driver isn't a 'core'. FBC isn't just a frontend linking a bunch of external emulators together; it's a single emulator that actually emulates multiple systems. So why strip out the Genesis driver? It's an integral part of what makes FBC so interesting from an emulation standpoint.
  12. PS: The 1.2 sourcecode is now available in the usual places. Sorry, I forgot to upload it before.
  13. Thanks darknior, I'll take a look at those sources and see what I can do with them.
  14. The list is progressing fine. It was only an idea to save myself time by asking others to contribute, but it will get done either way.
  15. If you can find me the FBA Neo Geo CD driver code, I'll do my best to implement it.
  16. Final Burn Consoles 1.2 I've added all available Neo Geo CD conversion sets to this build. To clarify, these are just standard ROM sets created from CDs; there is no NGCD driver in FBC. I'm aware of a build of FBA from some time ago that had a Neo Geo CD driver implemented but all links to the sourcecode I've found are dead. I've also added several standard Neo Geo games that were never released as AES cartridges. The reason for this is that they still have AES specific settings or modes that were clearly intended for AES release even though they never quite made it. Anyway, enjoy! + T + Downloads: In the usual places.
  17. I've enabled sf2m1 in FBL1.6. It was marked as a debug driver so that may mean it has problems or does not work but it will be available for you to try in the next build. Never heard of sf2bonus.
  18. Only 10 CD conversions exist as far as I know; 12 if you include the 2 Wii VC sets of Ironclad. Chiefly of interest among these are Zintrick and Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2 (since they were only ever released on CD), Bust-A-Move/Puzzle Bobble (since it was never released as an AES cartridge), and Last Hope (since the CD conversion is the only dump that currently exists). So should they be in the same list as the AES carts or should CD conversion sets have their own filter category?
  19. I have a question; The next build of FBC will contain 10 NeoGeo CD conversion sets. To clarify, these are just CD games that have been converted to standard ROM form; there is no support for NGCD discs or ISO images. So should these ROMs be filtered along with the other NeoGeo games or (since they are not AES cartridges) would it be more appropriate to add a separate 'Neo Geo CD' system filter for them?
  20. Yes, the next build of FBC will support all the currently available NeoGeo CD conversions (including Last Hope). There was a build of FBA floating around a while ago with actual NeoGeo CD support but I've been unable to find any sourcecode for it. Besides which, I don't think FBL would be able to make use of the same code to play CDDA audio tracks so there probably wouldn't be any point adding the driver. PS: I've implemented the alpha transparency you requested too.
  21. Many of the ROMs are different since FBC uses cartridge dumps as parent sets wherever possible rather than arcade boards. The 2 emulators may be based on the same code but they're intended to be entirely separate. Any cross-compatibility of ROMs is unintentional and the plan is, as more home dumps become available, for FBC to end up with its own individual ROM set.
  22. I could also make the Perfect Collection appear as a custom filter in the Filter Games section.
  23. I would guess that the problem you're experiencing isn't lag as such, it's the fact that FBL has no analog control support therefore the reticule is only able to move at a single fixed speed. So a calibration screen probably wouldn't help. As I mentioned before about analog support, without a base to work from I wouldn't have a clue how to go about implementing this as much as I would like to. I'm certainly not going to get anybody's hopes up by pretending I'm able to something that is out of my depth.
  24. Does NestopiaX have a calibration screen for the zapper? I may have no idea what I'm talking about here as I had no idea a lightgun would even work with FBL but NestopiaX uses the same UI code so it may be possible to borrow some code from there. All theoretical of course.
  25. Hi everyone, I came up with an idea for an addition to the FBL Extras pack; a custom favourites list that contains only games that run perfectly on FBL (or better than any other Xbox emulator). So basically, when added to the emu, you would still be able to see the full list of games under 'Select Games' but under 'Favourite Games' you will only see games in the Perfect Collection list. This will exclude games that currently run out of memory, run slowly, or have other emulation issues. This is something I was going to try and compile myself, but my time is limited so I thought I'd try to enlist some help. If you think this sounds like a good idea then to help out, all you need to do is post a list of games you know work to following standard in FBL: - No NeoGeo, CPS, Cave, Psykio, PGM games. I'm already aware of which of these work well enough. - The game must be a parent set unless it is a clone with significant gameplay differences. - The game must run at a constant 59fps+ OR have a faster framerate than it does in other Xbox emulators such as MAMEoX or Final Burn. - The game must not have any graphics, sound, or emulation problems that are detrimental to gameplay. I'm planning to make the FPS display a global option in FBL1.6 which should make testing easier, but that might be a little while off yet, so I figured best to put this out now and see what kind of response it gets.
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