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  1. Well, to be honest, CPX3 runs so well that I think if iq_132 wanted to spend that kind of time on FBL it would be far better utilised getting games running that have never been possible on the Xbox before such as Demon Front And DDP2.
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    What is CoinOPS?

    If you think so then of course. But I'd be inclined to say let's start a fresh and give members the benefit of the doubt that we've all learned from past mistakes before we start laying down the law in a big (or restrictive) way. First sign of trouble though and the rules will be made clear, what do you think?
  3. Seriously good work. I'm glad you got it all sorted and even more glad to see that FBL is alive and well. Kudos. EDIT: PM me if you want me to put this in the usual places for you.
  4. Will do my best . Good work getting all the CoinOPS/FBL threads into their own sub-sections. Must have been a pain, but worth it I think.
  5. My understanding is that the FBL CPS3 code that iq_132 was working on didn't run full speed and to do so it would have required a complete CPU rewrite. That's why it was never released.
  6. I agree. There's a lot of old negative stuff on here that isn't in keeping with the forum's new direction. I'd be willing to do the pruning if nobody else has the time as long as I have the ok from the admins.
  7. fumanchu has been made a news poster for the site and he's always been on top of posting the latest CoinOPS releases so I'm sure that won't be a problem. As for moderating the forum, I'm sure I can handle it, though I guess it depends on how rowdy it gets in there.
  8. My understanding is that CoinOPS is distributed as a complete package, so to download all the console components must add up to a lot of extra gigabytes for users that just want the MAME side of things and use other emulators for their console games. So I wouldn't underestimate the appeal of a package like this. Anyone who needs help with setting up or working their emulators can come here. Since we are the unofficial home of CoinOPS now, we can support any and all custom builds.
  9. Would this not be useful for people who only use CoinOPS for its MAME component and use standalone emulators for other systems?
  10. + T +

    What is CoinOPS?

    I actually have no idea if CoinOPS uses any code from my builds of FBL, so I thought it best to just credit nes6502 and iq_132. My contributions are small-potatoes by comparison in any case. I've added kenshiro though because, you're quite right, a lot of his code was in the original FBL. EDIT: 1,000 posts.
  11. Looks great and I'm glad to be a part of it. I've made a start with the CoinOPS introduction topic. Feel free to alter it if you feel it's in any way unsuitable but I deliberately kept it brief, unbiased and factual.
  12. + T +

    What is CoinOPS?

    CoinOPS is multi-system gaming frontend for the Xbox, the goal of which is to unify multiple emulators under a single interface. It is currently being developed and maintained by BritneysPAIRS and uses the following emulator cores: MAMEoX by Erik Abair, opcode, luckyMIC, superfro, XPort, bendermike, with additions by iq_132 and BritneysPAIRS Neogenesis by Xport SNES9Xbox by Xport PCSXbox by Xport Vice64X by Xport Xboyadvance by Xport MednafenX by Xport MekaX by Xport Z26x by Xport ArnoldX by Xport BlueMSXbox by Xport DidntXSpecturm by Xport WinUAEX by Xport X68000x by Xport WinstonX by Xport NeoPopX by Xport AdamX by Xport BlissX by XPort Surreal64 by oDD, lantus, freakdave, GogoAckman, Team XXX KI-XXX by lantus, GogoAckman, Team XXX Final Burn Legends by nes6502 with additions by iq_132 and kenshiro. DoomX by lantus If I've missed any out or failed to credit anyone involved, please let me know and I'll add to this list.
  13. I think this topic is worth keeping on topic, don't you agree? Don't be shy about starting new threads.
  14. Fair enough, I completely understand that. But just so you know the 1.10 source is pretty much complete. The only thing I didn't get round to doing was inserting kenshiro's VMM code back into the Asura games' driver and the Seta 2 driver. Also the Psikyo4 games don't work due to memory constraints; I was going to look into that but I don't know if I could have got them going or not.
  15. Great to see FBL still is alive and kicking on the Xbox. Did you use the 1.9 source or the 1.10WIP source btw?
  16. FBL's multi-core setup really can be a pain, but it's all about getting as much free memory as possible. Let me know if I can be of any more help. I may not be much of a coder but I'm more than familiar with the various peculiarities of FBL.
  17. Try changing the hardware tag. Games running with the "PolyGame Master" or "PolyGame Master based" hardware tag are configured to run on the psikyo.xbe so unless you've added the driver to that executable as well as the default.xbe it won't work. To force them to run in the default.xbe just change the tag to something random. For the freezing when generating DATS; check the tools/ folder. You should find a partially generated DAT file in there. If you look at the end of this file you can normally figure out which rom caused the problem and why.
  18. I wasn't implying anyone should butt out. It's integral that everybody have their say here. I was just pointing out that I think less is more where staff is concerned on a forum that currently has rather a thin userbase. I would rather a single person moderate the Xbox forum, regardless of if it's myself or not.
  19. If that's the case then I think you should put yourself forward as a mod for the entire Xbox forum. If every individual section has a separate mod then this forum will end up as all staff and no members.
  20. I think what the CoinOPS section would need in order stop any controversy before it starts is a simple 'What is CoinOPS?' sticky that explains it as a multi-system gaming center currently being developed and maintained by BritneysPAIRS which unifies many different emulators under one interface. It would then list all the emulators that CoinOPS uses giving credit to their original authors. No judgements, no criticisms, just the facts and all credit where it is due including to BP himself.
  21. That would be a great addition to FBL. Anyone interested in picking up the project where I left off, just let me know.
  22. Basically, any discussion on the development choices or ethical basis of CoinOPS would be inflammatory and that would need to be shut down pretty fast because it goes nowhere and just drags the forum down. I've made no secret of my opinions in that area and those views stand, but that shouldn't prohibit those who want to discuss the software from doing so provided that discussion is constructive and useful. I think a CoinOPS section is important because, love it or hate it, people do use it and those users are a part of this community. It isn't going to go away, and I feel the forum would only be making itself less relevant by pretending it doesn't exist.
  23. If the community here had no objections I would be interested in putting myself forward for a staff position. As for sub-forums, I think one for CoinOPS is a good idea. While I don't agree with all of the ethical choices on which that project is based, I still think users in need of technical help or support should be able to come here for it and to discuss their experiences with it. Also, if this really is to be a new start for the Xbox forum, I would personally like to see waal and any other members who were banned during the old days be permitted to post again. It was an unfortunate time for everyone and I feel we lost some really positive members of the community, both by administration and by their own choice. I'd like to think that they could be persuaded to return and contribute again to a new and revamped forum. The Xbox scene is small but it can keep going if things are done right, not just here but over all the forums that it's currently made up of. In any case I'll be around, whatever happens.
  24. I don't have an opinion on the issue of selling stuff. But the Xbox scene (what's left of it) as a whole can't be judged by how things used to be around here. The trash was taken out a while ago and now all that drama has thankfully moved elsewhere leaving a small but dedicated core of users that I've found to be nothing but supportive and positive in the time I've been making my small contributions. This section may be quieter now but at least it's respectable again and that's a damn-sight better than things were before.
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