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  1. A "complete" CoinOPS install won't fit on a stock HDD. So you're either going to have to think about upgrading to a bigger drive or you could go for one of the 'standalone' or 'lite' versions of CoinOPS that have been released. I'm not sure of the difference between them; there are way too many different releases of CoinOPS for me to keep up with, but hopefully someone with more knowledge can help there.
  2. :lol: And as usual "most of the work" involves making threats and getting upset.
  3. I don't know who that is but it looks like he's done a ton of playtesting there. I'm guessing these are games that run better on older MAMEoX builds, so it's useful info even for non-CoinOPS users. And if BP isn't the only one working on CoinOPS now then I guess that can only be a good thing.
  4. You clearly have too much time on your hands, my friend. I recommend you find a more constructive outlet for your energies than spamming multiple forums under multiple accounts. In any case, it takes a lot less effort for me to close/delete your topics than it takes you to post them. PS: I've removed your link because I've no idea what it actually links to and I'm not wasting my time downloading it to find out.
  5. BP, it's fine you posting here and any genuine input you have is welcome, but there's nothing in your post above that helps the OP or answers any of his questions in any way. It just seems like another rant of the sort that caused you problems here the first time around. I'd like to feel this place isn't about banning users and removing posts, but I must insist you keep any posts you make relevant, constructive and on-topic. Any attacks (real or implied) against this community or any of its members can't and won't be tolerated. This isn't just for you; it also applies to everyone else. I won't be altering or removing the above but if this topic goes that way then I'll close it, which would be a shame. EDIT: It's come to my attention that this is not in fact BP, much as the person that has just (apparently) registered at the CoinOPS forum under my name is not me. I'll leave this here for the time being but will probably end up either splitting the topic or just deleting the rubbish if it continues.
  6. That list seems pretty extensive. Seems like you'll have a lot of options, so once you have it experiment with the various emulators and see which suit you the best. On the whole that sounds like a decent start-up package, but again I'll stress the merits of being able to install/update these programs yourself. I have no idea when the next CoinOPS is being released since I don't use it at all myself. CoinOPS tends to be released as an unfeasibly large full-package download (50Gb+ if memory serves) and the file and folder structure has always been a complete mess. So even if upgrading were possible, I suspect it would be too much of a headache to bother. If it's important to you to have the latest version, then I would suggest waiting until it's released. On a side note, it's been frequently threatened by the author of CoinOPS that he will possibly insert code that "punishes" users that have other emulators installed. This is probably just an empty threat because he's rather infamous in the scene for being completely insane, but I've no idea if any of this nonsense might be added to CoinOPS"5". I'm not trying to put the frighteners on you, I just feel it only fair to mention it as a possible reason to stick with the current release.
  7. XBMC is a great place to start and a fantastic dashboard. But the guy modding your system can only be expected to put so much on there for you. There are many, many emulators, each supporting thousands of games. If he's going to install CoinOPS for you then that's an ok place to start, since it does have support for various arcade and console systems and the selection of games contains most of the more popular ones, but if you're at all serious about getting the most out of your emulation then, eventually, you're going to want to learn how to put more emulators and/or more games on there yourself. There are many tutorials around and people here are also very knowledgeable and helpful if you have any questions.
  8. To clarify some terms; a "mod" simply means altering the hardware or software of the Xbox in order to run unsigned code (i.e. anything other than Xbox games and DVDs). The mod itself does not put any programs, emulators, or games on your Xbox, it just makes it able to run them. Once an Xbox has been modded you then download whatever programs/emulators/games you want and then you install those yourself afterwards. It's fair enough if you want to pay someone to do the mod itself, but if you want them to install additional software for you then you're always going to be limited by whatever they give you and you're depriving yourself of the opportunity to customise your Xbox with the programs that best suit you.
  9. CoinOPS is not a "mod". It's just a program that launches emulators. Presumably whoever's modding it for you is planning to make CoinOPS your dashboard, which severely restricts you in terms of getting the most from your modded Xbox. For example, unless you have a real dashboard, you will be unable to rip Xbox games to your hard drive or have any choice in what emulators you are using. Many of the emulators used in CoinOPS are old versions, lacking the features and compatibility of newer releases. In any case, here are the best answers I can give to your questions: 1. You will have to ask the person that's modding it for you. 2. Same as above. 3. Emulation quality is excellent for most older systems. It depends which emulators you're using, there are several available. In most cases emulators on the Xbox provides you with even more options and configuration settings than you will find on XBLA; particularly madmab's emulators which are about the most feature-packed emulators you will find on any system. 4. No, most Xbox emulators support play in 720p or 1080i. The launcher in the video you posted only supports 720p so if you want full 1080i you will need to use madmab's emulators. 5. Again, CoinOPS is not a "mod" but I have no idea whether or not it's been ported to other systems. I would guess not.
  10. Have you tried it on any PC emulators to see if it works? I don't know if memory card files are cross-compatible with different emulators, but if you really wanted to be sure, perhaps you could download a complete save file and then try converting it through ePSXe or something just to see what's supposed to happen when it works correctly.
  11. This seems to be in every changelog. If it's true then CoinOPS must be one seriously buggy piece of software.
  12. I can't seem to get onto xbins at the moment. It keeps telling me "failed to retrieve directory listing". Is it just me?
  13. No problem . Another great release. Well done.
  14. Does your TV not have a function to switch to 4:3?
  15. He still posts over at the Neosource forums, but that's in relation to his work on FBA. He hasn't been active in Xbox1 development for a very long time.
  16. I've got 2 Xboxes with sticking drives so that video is going to come in really handy. Thanks.
  17. You're planning to remove supported games from FBL?
  18. destronger is doing all the developing now on FBL. But I'll comment on some of your requests to give you some idea of where they might stand. A: It could be done, but it wouldn't be straightforward at all. FBL uses a very specific system of assigning button mappings and personally I wouldn't be inclined to mess with that and risk causing problems for something that essentially makes no difference at all to functionality or useability. B: Perfectly possible and not difficult to implement. C: It's possible but would be time consuming since new UI elements would have to be added to show what filter was currently applied otherwise it would end up a complete mess. I'd question if it's worthwhile since using the filter option from the main menu is more than adequate for most users' needs. D: Adding a filter of any kind is easy in the source but adding such a capability into the UI isn't something I would have been able to do. You can already create a custom favourites list. E: An FTP server could be launched via a separate xbe and then relaunch FBL on exit. Theoretically it's perfectly possible. As for your final question; I never added anything relating to 'pixel perfect' into FBL because I never really understood it. FBL uses an adaptive system of screen scaling though, so when you switch to another video mode it will retain the same proportions.
  19. This setting is in the GUI options under Text Options.
  20. xNeoRaine is the NGCD emulator. xRaine is a port of the arcade emulator RAINE.
  21. You need the XDK as well as Visual Studio 2003 to compile the binaries. By all means, give it a try if you can obtain the necessary software; playing around with sourcecode and compiling your own builds can be immensely rewarding (also immensely stressful!) but if you literally just want to play those 2 games in FBL then your best bet is to be patient and wait for the next release.
  22. There's nothing I can really add to that. Personally, I gave up on CoinOPS a long time ago; I found the UI to be messy and confusing, the releases almost impossible to follow, the experience offered by the added "cores" to be extremely limited compared to the newer alternatives, and that's before I even start on the ethics of the project (which I won't). The developer who has the sourcecode will always be able to create more complex ways to lock the software to the point where it will eventually be impossible for an end-user to circumvent them. But I really don't see why any developer would actually waste their time coding stuff like this. I guess some people just have too much time on their hands.
  23. These games aren't supported in the FBL1.10 and you can't add them yourself. Just wait for destronger to release his next build.
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