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  1. I remember reading somewhere that you need the videos too, so try changing zip to xmv and running the script again to create some fake video files.
  2. I think it's a good point. The fact is that most people are interested in CoinOPS because it's a continuation of the MAMEoX project and many are hoping that either new MAME games will be added or performance improved on existing ones. What these people don't realise is that MAME is already pretty much as good as it can be on the Xbox; that's why you won't see any anything new from the MAME core in CoinOPS regardless of how many releases it has. It's not BP's fault; it's hardware that's the limitation, but it's ridiculous to pretend that CoinOPS is so much better than the alternatives because that simply isn't the case.
  3. I don't visit the CoinOPS forum at all but as far as I can gather from the posts here and elsewhere, the people that use CoinOPS aren't bothered about the "locks" and people like myself that don't use it couldn't care less if it's locked or not so it's unlikely you'll see anyone putting any real time and effort into getting round these restrictions. It is unfortunate that there are users like yourselves caught in the middle that would like to use CoinOPS but are prevented from doing so by this nonsense. Speaking purely hypothetically, I'd say one could probably get around the locks by producing dummy 0byte files for the required console ROMs and videos then filter the game list to show arcade games only as mentioned above. A simple batch file would do the trick, it would only take you a few minutes, and you could even then distribute it as an "arcade only" build; but then you'd just have to contend with more convoluted locks in CoinOPS 14 (or whatever release it's on now) so one would question the point of the whole thing. My advice is to just use FBL + MAMEoX or CoinOPS 3 and save yourself the headaches.
  4. I've never distributed a release complete with ROMs, nor would I support such a release. destronger has taken over development of FBL now and is doing a great job in terms of adding newly supported games. So you're better off waiting for his next release.
  5. Yeh, it'll be due to one of the earlier core updates.
  6. NeoGeo and CPS2 use the same core. Now that you mention it though, I think only the 2nd and 3rd Aerofighters games were released on the NeoGeo so the original probably does run on the default core in FBL after all.
  7. Those 2 games actually use exactly the same core as the CPS2 games. But based on the post you quote above it does seem to be an issue with all cores. probably due to the updated FBA code not playing nice with the FBL UI. Solution would be to either rollback the FBA hiscore code or update the UI code.
  8. High score saving hasn't been deliberately disabled but it's not something I tested when updating the cores, so it's possible that it got broken in the CPS2 core. Do you know if high scores save successfully on any other games?
  9. In Final Burn Legends, if I recall correctly, you get point filtering by setting the hardware filter to None.
  10. In Final Burn Legends' video settings. They can be set globally from the main menu or per-game via the in game menu.
  11. Hi and welcome, The problem is that the Xbox can't output any resolution lower than 640x480 so, whatever you do, some upscaling will be involved which will look different to the original system. The closest you will get to looking like a real Neo Geo is setting your emulator to a bilinear hardware filter, Simple2x software filter, the flicker filter setting as low as you can bear it, and then scaling the screen to as close to the original system as you can. You will need to use Final Burn Legends as your emulator since CoinOPS does not support Simple2x software filtering. All these options can be found in the video settings. The alternative is to use the Point hardware filter and set your screen size to exactly double the Neo Geo's resolution (some call this pixel perfect). This will give you a sharper picture but to be honest I wouldn't recommend it since it will not give you a screen size accurate to the original system. With this method you also have the problem that the Neo Geo uses 2 separate resolutions so you'd have to set the screen size on a per-game basis. Hope that's helpful.
  12. I should probably clarify something here; my work on FBL was all very much experimental. I was playing around with various things and also testing the limits of what I could and couldn't do in terms of coding. That really was the whole purpose of it, I was just enjoying what I was doing and learning, so I'm not surprised that (in addition to all the the things that were added and fixed) there were things that also got broken, particularly in the UI which I was never really too bothered with. So what I'm saying is, if things need to be rolled back to undo any side-effects of my experimenting then, by all means do so. The entire UI could could in fact be rolled back to any previous version very quickly and easily.
  13. Hi everyone, I recently received a suggestion that we start a section of up-to-date guides and tutorials for all things Xbox related. I think it's a great idea since we have a lot of experience here between us that could benefit new users. So whether it's modding, installing hardware, setting up emulators and whether you do it by video, images, or just written instructions please share some knowledge here and if we get enough good stuff I'll create a section and split each to its own topic. For my part I'm going to take a look through past threads and look for posts that fit the bill, also I'm thinking of putting together a brief guide on how to install Visual Studio and compile your own Xbox binaries from sourcecode. Many thanks.
  14. It's probably running out of memory. MAMEoX 0.72 has no VMM of any kind. It's likely that if you run it in a newer MAMEoX (or older CoinOPS) it won't crash but obviously will play much slower. Wasn't this game included in Midway Arcade Treasures?
  15. I don't seem to have had a PM from you. Are you sure it sent?
  16. Only 59 more to go. Great that you got it booting. Is that on a stock 64Mb Xbox?
  17. If you've put together a successful standalone build then perhaps you could consider making it available for other users who are unable or don't wish to use the full locked release. Since there apparently isn't going to be an "official" standalone version then I don't think you'd be treading on any toes.
  18. Easy people. Let's keep it constructive and on topic. If you have anything to say to BP it's better that you do it over at his forum. This thread is about disabling locks in CoinOPS 4.
  19. VMM doesn't make a game faster; in fact it makes it slower because the Xbox is having to read and write to the HDD rather than the physical RAM. VMM is only useful for making games run that require more memory than the Xbox has available. The reason these games run slow is due to lack of CPU power, so the only way to speed them up would be to either optimise or add speed hacks to the driver in order to reduce the processing power needed for emulation.
  20. This sort of experimentation should not be discouraged. Not being content with restrictions is how I first got into developing and CoinOPS itself is nothing more than a previously released program that has been tweaked and altered to suit the needs of someone else. This scene exists because there are users who aren't content to just follow and beg for what they want. My respect goes to anyone who rolls up their sleeves and tries to do these things for themselves.
  21. I think it's a valid discussion, especially if it leads to experimentation and constructive ways around the problem. Nobody as far as I can tell is just making a fuss here; what we have are suggestions and solutions to something that seems to be affecting more than a few users. The only reason I can think of not to discuss these things is because it might annoy BP, and that's no valid reason at all.
  22. But does this not still require you to 3000+ (or whatever the number is) games, even though you're not showing them? My understanding of the issue is that some users do not have the space or do not want to take up space with console ROMs and videos that they do not use CoinOPS for.
  23. Well, while don't think there's a need to dig up phrases from the past, on the current situation I will say that I don't think any developer would be stupid enough to turn their software into a virus that messes with BIOS and erases HDDs. The userbase would plummet overnight; I know of people that still won't touch CoinOPS purely because of those comments. In my opinion there are no such "traps" nor will there ever be, and when Emu Newbie shares his info on how to unlock CoinOPS 4, I've no doubt that users can do so without any fear of such consequences.
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