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  1. I noticed that there's a 1.01 version of NeoCD-SDLX Unleashed. Tried it out and it has the proper 4:3 display ratio, but none of the graphics glitch fixes from the 'real' 1.01 release. Guess there's no help coming for this issue?
  2. It does, but it doesn't "compress" the 720p image to 4:3 as you'd expect, it simply cuts off the edges of the stretched picture with a frame. I've seen this happen with a few other video sources as well. On most sources, yes, that would work.
  3. Obviously I haven't seen the source, but it seems like it wouldn't be a huge deal to just turn off that functionality. Since NeoCD SDLX is still very useful for a specific purpose (running retail Neo CD games), maybe he'd be open to a quick release. I'll PM him at NeoSource if I can.
  4. That was a good idea, but NeoCD SDLX doesn't use any sort of INI for its video configuration, so XResizer isn't really of any help. I tried to PM Lantus about it on the Xbox-Scene forums, but no response. Anyone know where he's still active?
  5. Just checked; it definitely doesn't support discs at all. So no way to disable the auto-widescreen stretching on NeoCD SDLX 1.01?
  6. I'll check that out; looks like it doesn't support retail Neo Geo CD games, though.
  7. As you guys know, NeoCD SDLX exists in three flavors for the Xbox: v1.00 - original, by Lantus v1.01 - some fixes, adds 480p/720p display modes "Unleashed" - adds ISO support, seems to be based on v1.00 of the normal emulator What kind of blows my mind is that by adding a 720p display mode to v1.01 (based on dashboard settings), the emulator will always be 'stretched' on a widescreen display. This makes the 1.01 version kind of worthless, and I have to stick with 1.00 version or the "unleashed" version, without the bug fixes. The 1.00 version displayed the games in native 4:3/non-widescreen, so there was no stretching. Is there any way to get v1.01 to display in standard 4:3 without changing my dashboard settings? I really like this emulator because I can run my retail Samurai Spirits 1/2 disks in my Xbox.
  8. Is there a naming convention for Roms? Some say that there is no box art even though they are very common games (Banjo Kazooie).
  9. I was looking at it last night; if you do a scan and then FTP database.ini off the Xbox HDD and save it, then insert your second disc and repeat the process... I just added the first two numbers together from the two files (I assume these are ROM counts), then copied in all the ROM listings from #2 into #1. Then I combined the count/names for the Systems, which was easy, but got lost in trying to combine all the different years and manufacturers. This emu scans roms so much faster than MAME Plus so it's probably not even worth it. It's like three extra button presses and five seconds to update the list.
  10. I actually have a big HDD in there, it's just full. I'm thinking I can do two scans and combine the database.ini files?
  11. New question: FBL's romset is like 8GBs, too much to fit on one DVD. If I'm wanting to run the emu on my HDD and the games off of two separate DVDs, is there a way to keep the gamelist complete from #-Z even if the roms aren't present or do I have to rescan every time I swap a disc? Thanks. EDIT: Regarding my old question, I was able to get it. For anyone else, you need to follow the steps below: Used QWIX to build an ISO. Put the inside a 'roms' folder on the DVD and not directly on the disc root. So the rom 'game.zip' would be R:\roms\game.zip assuming R is the DVD drive. Burn the ISO with Nero or IMGBurn or whatever works. The finished disc should be an XISO not readable in your PC disc drive (but should work in the XBox one!) I changed the Path.INI to this: UsePathINI=1 ROMPath1=D:\roms ROMPath2=R:\roms And then I rebuilt the gamelist.
  12. Thanks for the help, guys. I'm using clrmamepro and Mame 0139 to get a set that matches FBL's datfile perfectly. I've kept backups of all the nonsupported ROMS and I'll get them running in CoinOPS Inferno R3. Is there a Xtras-style screenshot pack out there somewhere for Final Burn Legends? Maybe I can just use the Coinops packs I've seen here and there.
  13. MAME 84 and Coinops Epic don't look to be much of a possibility by looking at the seed/leech situation. Is there perhaps a Datfile for Inferno R3 I could use to process my 0139 set? There wasn't one in the release you posted above.
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