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  1. it´s up on you ======================================================================= ================= | # Title : Simple Machines Forum 1.1.11 Mullti Vulnerability | # Author : indoushka | # email : indoushka@hotmail.com | # Home : www.sec-war.com | # Web Site : [url="http://www.simplemachines.org/"]http://www.simplemachines.org/[/url] | # Dork : Powered by SMF 1.1.11 | SMF � 2006-2009, Simple Machines LLC | # Tested on: windows SP2 Fran�ais V.(Pnx2 2.0) + Lunix Fran�ais v.(9.4 Ubuntu) | # Bug : Mullti ====================== Exploit By indoushka ================================= # Exploit : 1- Mail List information : After Register go to : [url=""][/url] 2- PHPSESSID session fixation: Vulnerability description This script is vulnerable to PHPSESSID session fixation attacks. By injecting a custom PHPSESSID is possible to alter the PHP session cookie. Attackers will normally manipulate cookie values to fraudulently authenticate themselves on a web site. This vulnerability affects /smf. The impact of this vulnerability By exploiting this vulnerability, an attacker may conduct a session fixation attack. In a session fixation attack, the attacker fixes the user's session ID before the user even logs into the target server, thereby eliminating the need to obtain the user's session ID afterwards. Attack details : GET /smf/?PHPSESSID=smfssionfixation How to fix this vulnerability Set session.use_only_cookies = 1 from php.ini. This option enables administrators to make their users invulnerable to attacks which involve passing session ids in URLs; defaults to 0. Web references : [url="http://www.acros.si/papers/session_fixation.pdf"]http://www.acros.si/papers/session_fixation.pdf[/url] [url="http://www.php.net/session"]http://www.php.net/session[/url] [url="http://www.owasp.org/index.php/PHP_Top_5"]http://www.owasp.org/index.php/PHP_Top_5[/url] Dz-Ghost Team ===== Saoucha * Star08 * Redda * Silitoad * n2n ========================================== Not : Please I need financial assistance in order I make a tax to the state treasury before the ruling, final and unconditional access my release by mail and transportation Algerian approximately 500 U.S. dollars ccp:0013791941 Salah Eddine Nekaa --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. ah comon guys, not those pm3 looks
  3. i thought you have to patch the default.xbe´s from games/roms/etc. for playing it.
  4. goldeneye runs without problems on surreal64 i look later what version im using and settings. i remember it was the us version of it but im not sure.
  5. sorry, i dont wanna flame but for genesis rtfm from madmab.
  6. is it possible to include midnight resistance as game?
  7. can u reupload all your skins please? i dont like those pm3 dual skins.
  8. ..... same here, that genesis torrent ruins my ratio and no chance for seeding. i got current a ratio from 0.5. can u give us some information when are the snes, mastersystem and other files be uploaded and the important thing when are the xport updates will follow? thx
  9. yep, i seed to. the only one i found is the nes that you´ve said. but is it also allowed to share this on other 2 big known private trackers because that other one is located in germany and that´s not realy good. im from there and its realy dangerous for hosting there.
  10. nice work man, but i didn´t find the madmab xport updates on xbins or on xbox-scene.
  11. 2late but try this next one, start on both boxes xbmc, setup network correctly on both boxes that match to the other gateway box1/2, connect via crossover cabel and select in setup find other consoles in network. a few seconds later u will get a popup that console xyz (with your selected name in settings) was found and you can copy in the filexplorer whatever u want. it´s important that you plugin the video cable in the second box or she will not boot.
  12. I've just read through all the posts and also thought that a wiki for CoinOPS would be very helpful. So I've installed a script on a space from me to create a test page. If someone is interested contact me. Skinner, Mods and Fillers are welcome Short blank Preview: http://xbox-saves.bplaced.net/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page
  13. buy it or search an another source. i nuke your source ^^ mine works perfect
  14. i played it a long time ago on the ps2 and on my xbox. so guys, im searching some people hwo wanna play some games like spikeout battlestreet over xlink and other games. contact me
  15. i found an non working game for reignite r4 to. "osman"
  16. then lets play it on kai/xbc. 2 years ago i found someone from hongkong who played it with me^^
  17. WD Caviar Blue WD5000AAJB 500 GB The newest version of XBPartitioner detects the drive and select the needed cluster for formating.
  18. what do you think about reading before posting ?!?! in the first link from xbmc.org is an another link to the original xbmc wiki where everything you know about it with programms etc. ...........
  19. mkv2vob http://xbmc.org/forum/showthread.php?p=201068 http://www.bitburners.com/articles/convert...g-mkv2vob/4022/
  20. convert your vids to mpg2 in 720p. there is an ps3 app outside that will make this for you. the xbox doesent have enough power for mp4/h.264 etc. ...
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