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  1. Yeah I found SHOWCASE but was only able to get about 20 videos from it before it died. Still waiting for people to seed it or get a PM back from OP. But I put the ones I do have on there and it's awesome!
  2. In the menu when you press start and go to settings, at the very bottom is one that says WARNING!! ADVANCED SETTINGS!! or something like that, just disable/enable it whenever you want. That is interesting, for me the loading screen is always much longer. But I have been playing a lot of bigger games like Metal Slug. I am not sure why it is like that for you. You can always try re-ftp'ing the emulator to your xbox but keep all the roms and stuff so it's just the app and see if that changes anything. Make sure to re-ftp the config file too.
  3. Oh nice! Glad to see something is already going haha. I will contribute to it but like I said, I'm really busy right now so probably won't be able to do much for a few weeks.
  4. 1) To pull up that menu (Cheats, dip switches, etc) you press the Back and White button at the same time. However, by default in CoinOps Reignite the advanced settings are disabled and only Cheats are available because most users don't need them and part of the advantage of CoinOps is that all the button configs are set up correctly and the way you want them. Another reason they are turned off is so people you don't want messing with them can't. To allow some advanced settings in the menu you need to turn on advanced settings at the main menu by pressing start and going to settings. 2)My screen only hangs for about 2-4 seconds, then black for about 5 seconds or so before the loading screen. There is no "option" for a splash screen, it would have to be added into the emulator. I don't think it would be too useful though because people that know the emulator know it takes a second to get to the ROM loading stage. Also, a splash screen would show up, but it would still seem to be "frozen" at that stage.
  5. Yeah it just lets you store a lot more in the same space, which is really nice for Xbox if you are running them off of a DVD or just have a smaller HD.
  6. Yeah I have only tried it out for a little bit and I really like it. Some really awesome features. . I can't wait to get my video previews going!
  7. Well if I get a chance I might start a Wiki just to get all the info in one easy to find/read place. It will keep people from asking the same questions too which seems to be an issue. I haven't followed the projects in a while since CoinOps over at xbox-scene just because of school and stuff and I didn't have an xbox for a while. It would be easier for people like me to catch up on them if there was a wiki and we didn't have to annoy people with repeating the same question. I won't have time for the next two weeks or so because of finals and I will be gone for Spring break too but I will try to get something going after that.
  8. I got the updated R5 and the SNES/Megadrive stuff. Also I think all of the screen shots. I will just only grab the videos from Reignite Showcase, unless it is needed for R5 to work properly. Although it seems to be working fine, I noticed there was no TDATA/UDATA with R5 like there normally is, so I am using the stuff from 2nd quarter. Is that ok?
  9. Ok thank you. Would a Wiki be useful? Or since the support threads get shut down would a Wiki not be possible? It just seems like there is a lot of info that would be nice to have in one place.
  10. A two person X-arcade is only about $130, which I guess is a lot but they are awesome! I have one and it is totally worth it if you play a lot of arcade games. They are really well constructed. But if you want to build you own arcade parts are super cheap, the hard part would be soldering and building a solid box. You can buy arcade parts at any site like http://www.happcontrols.com or somewhere like that. As for PCB soldering, http://www.nuclearplayground.com/joysticks/ has a great guide about the whole process. On the left side there are some links for different controllers and stuff. Good luck! Edit: Didn't see you found a link already, sorry
  11. I haven't updated my emulator in forever and have been using CoinOps 2nd Quarter. I see there are a bunch of newer versions out (Final, GOLD, Ignite, Reignite, Reignite Showcase, etc.). I was wondering if there was a website or wiki with information on what is different with each version, I have been searching the forum and google searching and it is hard to get information on them.
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