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  1. I have a Mid-Western American accent. Is mid-western really an accent though? Anyway, I can do: Irish British Australian Southern-american californian-american boston-american Ghetto (it's too funny) and a few others...
  2. Hey james.. I've been wondering this for a while; what's up with the link to "My little pony" at the bottom of your page?
  3. The cd version was released 3.22.96 and the cart version was probably made around the same time period. *edit* The m1 rom contains a date of March 22, 1995 http://www.neo-geo.com/snk/masterlist.htm http://www.neo-geo.com/reviews/neo-reviews...k/zintrick.html
  4. yeah it is but the version I got has english subtitles. not sure if it is an asian or euro release. Shenmue 2 was released in Japan and Europe. The US never got a Shenmue 2 release on the dreamcast
  5. If you're talking about a commercial mega man game for DC, there never has been one. AFAIK, this mega man x is a compilation of an emulator and some megaman roms.
  6. CS Student, Factory worker in the summer (gotta pay for college somehow...) My roomie probably has the most interesting occupation I can think of: Drug Dealer
  7. The major problem with emulation of Raiden 2 is that it is heavily encrypted. Apparently everyone in emulation that knows anything about encryption has taken a crack at it and failed... What [haze] has to say: http://www.mame.net/cgi-bin/wwwthreads/sho...&sb=#Post138492 What R. Belmont has to say: http://www.mame.net/cgi-bin/wwwthreads/sho...&sb=#Post138459
  8. Well, here's a few games that you may like: Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Not SF3) Mr. Driller SanFrancisco Rush 2049 Hyrdo Thunder Cosmic Smash Ecco - Defender of the Future Heavy Metal Geomatrix
  9. It's possible, but you'd have to figure out the memory hacks to do it (this is how the 6 player hacks work in mame32k. )
  10. For mslug4 (to fix the garbled text, use this init) static int mslug4Init() { nNeoTextROMSize = 0x080000; nNeoProtectionXor = 0x31; return NeoInit(); } As for fixing the audio, the V roms are encrypted. It's best to go to filemirrors, get rotdd and mslug4d, set them as parents, and use their V roms. I have been working on getting the V decryption code into fba, but I'm not a coder, so it's taking time.
  11. Emulating a sh-2 takes quite a bit of juice... Add the fact that the CPS-3 was a 2-d processing monster (probably even more so than the sega saturn), I doubt very very much that you can achieve full speeds on a p266, even without sound. I'm not saying it's impossible, but very very unlikely. I agree with you on both points. I believe the guy's lying, but I'd love to be proven wrong BTW, I don't really care much about sf3 or the jojo's games (I have all of them on the dreamcast ) I'd just like to see Warzard/Red Earth.
  12. IF this is true, tell your friend that if he posts it he will become a local hero on the emulation scene! (and tell him to post it here first ) (IF its true) There's no way you can emulate a cps-3 on a P266. A CPS-3 emulator would have waaaay higher system requrements than a cps1, cps2, or neogeo emulator.
  13. Yeah. He sure did He's lucky as hell it wasn't worse.
  14. Yeah, I remember the first time I tried to compile FBA, it took a few hours to track down all the files mingw/fba needed and put them in the correct places. I just would compile, get an error, fix it, compile again, get an error, fix it, etc. Finally, I got it working.
  15. Microsoft couldn't even afford half of sony. http://www.hoovers.com/free/co/factsheet.x...html?COID=41885 http://www.hoovers.com/microsoft/--ID__141...factsheet.xhtml
  16. I'm pretty sure I know to combine these consoles Wait until these systems are emulated, buy a super-fast PC. Get some DC2PC, X-box2PC, GC2PC, PS22PC controller converters, and you've got exactly what you want. Plus it'll probably have better graphics that the original.
  17. Yeah. That's true. He posted this: At this little site you can get PSX, PS2, Dreamcast ISOs YES THIS IS FOR REAL A friend of myn just sent me this in a email checked it out and it works fine, so for all you people who don't know how to use anything other then the web as your #1 source for ISOs here you go and enjoy. Please note that it's against the rules at romshare to post something like this. Later, he made some posts that were very unpleasant... I will point out, however, that Goku was an ass, also made some unpleasant posts, and ended up being no better than xxl.
  18. That's what I asked... @Frost: It's hard because of the CPS-3 board's encryption routines. And because Razoola's a lazy-ass. He's a smart guy, I'll give him that, but he really does take a long-ass time to do anything.
  19. Why would you want this game? It's just a 5 kb hack of an oooooooollllllllddddddd mslug5 rom. The only major difference is the S rom, which is completely different.
  20. I can tell you that he is also banned on the romshare forums. Most likely because of his childish temper tantrums.
  21. LOL, took too long to post Looks like you've got it covered force.
  22. I'd go with Trillian 2.01 It has skin support, custom emoticon support, file transfers, plugins (The weather plugin is great), support for IRC, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Jabber, and ICQ. Also, if you wish to write your own plugin, the sdk is available for download. That's just me though...
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