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VBA-M is the successor to the popular GBA emulator VisualBoy Advance.

Available for Windows, Linux and Mac in MFC and WxWidgets flavours.

What's New in Version r1229 MFC   See changelog


  • Revision 1229:updates subwcrev and applies minor fixes patch 46
  • Revision 1228:SDL sound code now posts to semaphores no matter what, in case the other side is still waiting after a speedup transition
  • Revision 1227:Rewrote SDL sound synchronization, using a very old patch as a base for some of the changes
  • Revision 1226:Remove useless backup enabled checks in read handlers. Fix illegal halfword and byte reads.
  • Revision 1225:Mother 3 fix, refined to not break Metroid Fusion or hopefully anything else
  • Revision 1224:Changed PCM FIFO refill behavior to only stuff the FIFO with silence if it runs completely empty, which seems to fix the stuttering in Mother 3. From the technical behavior, Mother 3's sound code would periodically set DMA 1 and 2 to reason...
  • Revision 1223:Add tiled rendering define to Android makefiles, too.
  • Revision 1222:Add tiled rendering define - big performance improvement
  • Revision 1221:Fix target output name
  • Revision 1220:Fix build for Android
  • Revision 1219:Disable link by default now that games work without it
  • Revision 1218:updated readme
  • Revision 1216:Sonic Advance 1/2 work now with NO_LINK defined
  • Revision 1215:(Libretro) Fix build
  • Revision 1214:re-adding the fix for zelda oracles
  • Revision 1213:Let's try that again.
  • Revision 1211:revert 1207-1210 as its not really ready for integration yet.
  • Revision 1210:rolling back, it seems there was some more issues than original thought
  • Revision 1209:fix a goof I made with the last commit, this should fix it
  • Revision 1208:just a small revert, old data got mixed in the last commit
  • Revision 1207:libretro merge into trunk, the individual interfaces can still be compiled on their own so the gtk/sdl/mfc interfaces can still work as originally intended. Special thanks to Squarepusher of the libretro team for helping us get this merged
  • Revision 1206:fixes zelda oracles without breaking duke nukem or 007
  • Revision 1205:Implement memory mirrors for SRAM/FLASH. Correctly handle 16/32bit reads from SRAM. Removed unaligned handler for CPUReadHalfWordSigned.
  • Revision 1204:This fixes the colour issue when using opengl and a HQ3 or 4x filter.
  • Revision 1203:Revert changes to the ioReadable table from Revision 1200 which broke Megaman Battle Network series.
  • Revision 1202:normatt was missing from readme
  • Revision 1201:Move the cpuDmaHack assignments into doDMA. (Fixes Croket 2 regression)
  • Revision 1200:Re-added the DMA Prefetch buffer. This fixes Phantasy Star Collection.
  • Revision 1199:another tom harder patch, fixing some warnings in the gvbam and wxvbam
  • Revision 1198:commiting Tim Harders patch for libav/ffmpeg
  • Revision 1197:bring branches into line fixes duke nukem on bgk-link and silences gcc warning on trunk ignore a few more files
  • Revision 1195:Fixed register used in asm.
  • Revision 1194:reduce new lines fix duke nukem cgb menu | in my limited testing this has not regressed any other games.
  • Revision 1193:dirty buildfix for linux, can do it properly later.
  • Revision 1192:Make the asm code increment lsl/lsr/asr rm by 4 if rm is pc. (ASM now passes the armwrestler MOV opcode test)
  • Revision 1191:Fix clock cycles in some arm/thumb opcodes. Implement missing ARM instruction used in the wstein.gba homebrew. Remove cpuDmaHack has it causes graphical glitches in Lufia and incorrectly handles unmapped reads.
  • Revision 1190:revert the > to >> change, fixes regression in loading ppmd 7z files.
  • Revision 1189:couldn't just add a guy who's contributed more in 3 days then anyone has in the last 3 years to the "Contributors" list ;D
  • Revision 1188:some small pvs warning fixes
  • Revision 1187:move around apu reset a bit, doesn't seem to have broken anything
  • Revision 1185:Fix handling of unused memory when reading 16/8 bit data.
  • Revision 1184:Add missing ARM opcode variant strh (w=1) used in several homebrew gba demos (e.g. afire).
  • Revision 1181:removed <AdditionalOptions>/D_ST_MODEL/D_SECURE_SCL=0 %(AdditionalOptions)</AdditionalOptions> from the vcxproj its redundant in VS2010 and VS2012, and seems to be a source of build errors in VS2012 for some reason.
  • Revision 1180:Make 32bit read out of bounds not get rotated if they are unaligned.
  • Revision 1178:hopefully fixed unaligned reads correctly this time...
  • Revision 1176:Fix yet another oversight in the unaligned read code. Implemented missing thumb opcode (Which is invalid according to gbatek but Moto GP seems to use it)
  • Revision 1174:opps forgot to change change the unaligned 16bit rotate to check against old address.
  • Revision 1172:Fixed unaligned 16/32 bit reads.
  • Revision 1171:update to 2013
  • Revision 1170:fixed nasm props again
  • Revision 1167:commit this and see who complains? Big Grin
  • Revision 1166:remove c_core from default preprocessors
  • Revision 1164:some changes to how SubWCRev works, resolving build issues when attempting to build from a source tar and adding it back to dependencies. also deletes the wx build folder because its not going going anywhere fast on windows.
  • Revision 1163:more improvements to gba-arm by Normmatt
  • Revision 1162:lets commit the right version of the arm patch this time eh.
  • Revision 1161:Applied fixes to NormMatts Revision 1150 fixes - V-Rally 3 working again Re-added nasm.props to vs2008 build folder + changes to nasm.rules for spaces in paths.
  • Revision 1160:implement ALL of abhoriels patch correctly.
  • Revision 1159:GBA: Revert Revision 1150 since it adds artifacts in (at least) V-Rally 3
  • Revision 1158:NLS: Update translations from Transifex
  • Revision 1157:NLS: Apply native endlines SVN properties
  • Revision 1156:GTK: Apply patch #3524058 - Auto-load/save cheats
  • Revision 1155:GTK: Updated the .desktop file to validate
  • Revision 1154:GTK: Fix "#3598672 - emulated system option in gvbam changes by itself in Linux"
  • Revision 1153:GBA: Fix build
  • Revision 1151:commit abhoriels RSBS and RSCS patch
  • Revision 1150:patch to correct some behavior in arm tests.

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