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  1. I have plans. Just on hold right now.
  2. Yeah, I thought about that too but given that she has no license or car on top of the things I explicitly said I would do to her if she came back, I'm not sure she would attempt. So maybe if I DO continue with pressing the charges, she'll take me more seriously.
  3. I need some wisdom from others outside of the situation I'm in. I tend to let my temper and whatnot get the best of me. This is kind of long so bear with me. Ok, so I have this girlfriend who has had A LOT of problems come her way. She has a son w/her fiance and they live with her brother and his girlfriend. The brother is bipolar schizophrenic and the girlfriend is just an instigator. She is an alcoholic, has three kids that she abandoned out of state and constantly causes drama. My friend's brother has acknowledged he has a problem when it comes to alcohol...I mean, he goes absolutely insane and stabs people when he's drunk. No lie. He was intent on quitting and actually stopped for a week. But the girlfriend wasn't having it. A couple months ago, I had my friend attempt to stay the night but I had received a text message from her fiance saying that things were going down real bad and that he needed us to get there. He was alone w/their 2 yr old son. We rushed over there and when we went in the door, her fiance was having his head bashed in the floor repeatedly by her brother. She and I had successfully pulled him off of her fiance and I had held him down until cops could show up. Our other close friend showed up and took the child and got him out of there. Unfortunately, there is nowhere my friend and her little family can go. Our local Police Dept is an utter joke and always has been. They never took him to jail. Between our other friend and myself, we gave the wee one a little break from it all. He doesn't need to be in that environment. I pull the brakes when kids are involved. Anyway, things had cooled down, we all had a discussion and her brother seemed legitimately concerned for his nephew and wanted to change. We all hung out a few times and it seemed like he was making improvements. The girlfriend wasn't. There were a few arguments here and there (given his disorder without taking medications) but nothing too serious. Until last night. My friend had called me in tears and I could hardly understand what she was saying. Apparently, her brother and his gf consumed way too much alcohol again and started fighting. He broke a lawn chair on his gf's face and grabbed a knife threatening to (please excuse the language) "cut her from her cunt to her spleen" and then go after her son. Some neighbors heard everything and called the cops. My friend had called for some help by our other friends and they were all there packing things up for her to get her out. The gf was telling the cops and the landlord that MY friend had started it all even though she was in bed. She shares the room with her son so she's usually in bed when he is. This was AFTER she was telling a friend of ours that if MY friend didn't stop her brother from continuously beating her with the chair, she could have died. Anyway, today my husband and I pick her up to go to the house to make sure that none of her other things were destroyed. I was so pissed off and I was itching for a fight. Even being on crutches. Luckily for them and myself, they weren't home at the time. (Guess God was looking out for me.) When everything seemed normal, we stopped by her landlord's home and talked with them. I left extremely agitated because the landlord is going to give them "one more chance" before she evicts them. After all the noises, fighting, threats and belligerence that goes on in that house including the numerous times the police have been called, you would think some common sense would come into play. But I guess not. So, they're all going to be living under the same roof until something else horrible happens. I'm so worried about her and that baby. Employment is awful around here and it's hard to make a living in this area so she doesn't have the resources to just dip out when needed. I decided to send an email to the brother and girlfriend. Here is what I said: A few hours after I sent that message, I received a phone call from the gf telling me she hitched a ride and was on her way over here to "talk". That was not her intent. But I was fooled. I actually thought she wanted help. Right when I opened the door (on crutches mind you with my 2yr old sitting in the livingroom), she pushed me and got in my face. She was saying some really outrageous things about my faith and how it was none of of my "fucking business" what she does with her life and who she does it with. Of course I lost it. Screw the crutches. You don't do that in front of my kid. I yelled for my brother to call the cops and I shoved her out the door. She pulled a knife out and there were people yelling in the car she arrived to kick my "fat ass". With my bad leg, I kicked her off my porch and we were shouting at each other. Luckily, people at the Sheriff's dept know me and my mom (in a good way since the Sgt. went to high school w/my mom) and they showed up pretty quick. They saw her waving the knife about like a lunatic and the people in the car sped off. Another cop chased them down to the end of the road. She had some fingerprints on her neck from when I grabbed her by it to push/throw her out of my house and was telling them that I attacked her and fled to my house to avoid being arrested. They knew she was obviously lying and besides, why go to that person's house with a knife instead of calling the cops in the first place. Not to mention this girl has a criminal record and I don't. Needless to say, she was taken off and they asked me if I wanted to press charges. I told them I would but I also feel a little weird about it. After all, I don't think I showed a good example by continuing to yell at her when I could have just shut the door and waited for the cops. Not sure if it was just my temperment or the fact that my daughter saw it all but I just couldn't control myself. Should I continue to take this to court or should I let it go and just hope she never speaks to me again? After all, I will see her again since she lives with my friend. Also, I don't know what to do if she takes it out on her. I'm just a bit frazzled.
  4. Agozer! I didn't know that you are Finnish Millainen sää? Sinun pitäisi lähettää kuvia teidän kotimaa! (hope that's right)
  5. Never really been a Freddy fan but I will admit I felt a pang of disappointment when I noticed Robert Englund not starring in it. I have a good friend who is ridiculously OBSESSED w/ Freddy and she joined this "faction" to boycott and destroy any possible way for this movie to get out. Lots of people are pissed. I don't have high hopes for it. I can't STAND Michael Bay for one.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/user/AshleyBrewer829
  7. Out of boredom, I decided to be nice and give everyone I knew 5 stars. Hopefully we'll all get slippers....
  8. If you're on Youtube and would like to add me as a buddy, my ID is: AshleyBrewer829 Just be nice enough to tell me who you are
  9. Sounds like you've got it all in gear. Don't get pissed though if something wrong should happen. You know how awesome Scott is when he's doing a project. But if something is off slightly, he gets very aggravated hahah. I'm trying to get him on this site but he just doesn't have much time. I'm thinking about just making him an account here that way he can just pop on whenever. He usually has some great ideas.
  10. Yeah, it's about the same with me. I actually know some of the people affiliated with the techzinformatica. So I thought I would throw them out there. I always found IGN quite reliable so that's always going to be a suggestion from me. I just don't have much time anymore for anything. I just get my info from here or by word of mouth.

  12. 1. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 2. Galaga 3. 1942 4. Gauntlet 5. Double Dragon
  13. Quake is alright. Super Noah's Ark 3D was a game made by a biblical company called Wisdom Tree. It wasn't licensed by Nintendo and the game is just a copy of Wolfenstein 3D. The Angry Video Game nerd did a review on it. It's about 14 mins into the video.
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