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  1. Nope. I have anxiety issues so it triggers that. I stopped taking medication because it was affecting my daily performance. So I just deal with it.
  2. And why's that. Come now, with a comment like that, you have to expect someone to ask.
  3. I'm fat but I don't have sleep apnea. Insomnia is different.
  4. I'm glad that's settled. Hopefully there won't be anymore problems then. So...here's a legitimate welcome from me.
  5. Just like how guys describe to their buddies what seafood creature you women smell like down there. Thanks for not washing. Asses! Yeah....I don't get why some girls don't wash. It's pretty foul.
  6. I have no steady sleeping schedule. I suffer from insomnia.
  7. The older I get, the harder it is for me to retain information. It's quite frustrating. I learn quickly when I'm reading and listening at the same time.
  8. It says so next to the From line in my mini profile. That was pretty good actually, although not quite perfect. It's like 99% correct. Correct: "Millainen sää siellä on? Sinun piäisi lähettää kuvia [teidän] kotimaastanne!" (Note: "Teidän" can be omitted because the inflection used in "Kotimaa" takes care of it. though it's not wrong to use "teidän". Also, "Millainen sää?" means "What kind of weather?" so you need to expand the question a little by actually asking "Millainen sää siellä on?" - "How's the weather over there?". "Sää" can also be replaced with "ilma", literally meaning "air") Ahhh ok. Yeah, I'm not great. I'm better at Swedish heh. But I'll notate that for future reference.
  9. Ali Larter pisses me off. But those were good photos of her. I adore Monroe. She wasn't a total slut. Just a hopeless romantic actually. Oh and Cominus, I wouldn't necessarily say that bigger women have larger vaginas. I would say they're a bit thicker and I would think that's more preferable instead of banging bones. But I'm not a guy so I dunno. Just something I've heard from other guys.
  10. That's the second time I've seen that image and it cracked me up again. I like you.
  11. I wouldn't say that. I'm not fond of Fox but I'm not going to refuse to like anything they're affiliated with. That would be dumb. I just don't like those two movies and that's because I'm not really into those kinds of films. Not that big on romance and stuff. I like musicals though.
  12. This girl is 5'6 and 142 lbs. FAR from fat. Muscle mass and bone density are major factors. That's why I don't care how much someone weighs. I go by inches instead.
  13. I'm sorry but if the female is over 5'8 and 140, she'll look sick. Also, you have to factor in the bone structure.
  14. yes bahahahaha j/k I don't like that one either but to each his own.
  15. Like pee pee sizes? Yes, we talk about that too and if some guys heard what us gals say, they'd cry.
  16. plus sized my ass! trust me, that's far from fat True. It's a sad thing that any female over the size 10 is considered plus size. She varies from 12-14.
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