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  1. I'm not even going to bother. Regular vaccines don't guarantee immunity as it is and this one is way off.
  2. There are certain types of meds we go there for. Like diabetic for one.
  3. Because they can't ride their quads on snowy tundra? Snow birds have also been known to cross the border for cheap meds. hahaha that's what we've been doing here! you paddle to Cuba and buy cheap meds? I'd go to Mexico and buy some, but passports are required now (and they cost $80). No, we don't go to Cuba. We've been hitting up Canada for meds. It's more than $80 if you owe child support because you have to pay it all off before you can get a passport now.
  4. Because they can't ride their quads on snowy tundra? Snow birds have also been known to cross the border for cheap meds. hahaha that's what we've been doing here!
  5. Yeah they crawl on the roads here in FL. I can't STAND HOW THEY DRIVE!
  6. I would like to withdraw myself from that statement... if things ever went to crap here, I'd be headed up. Yeah, I'm kinda with ya. But it'll get bad everywhere. It's already started. I dunno. An old saying goes: Living life by the yard makes it hard; living life by the inch makes it cinch. I'm not worried either way.
  7. Governments in any country know that forcing something huge down their citizens throats that a serious majority oppose and are willing to take up arms against, is total suicide by said government. This sort of thing will NEVER happen without the will of the people allowing it to. That maybe be true for the U.S and a few others but not nearly the case for other oppressed countries that are powerless regardless of their values.
  8. I see what you're saying Ken but unfortunately in these times, the wants and needs of the people isn't 1st in governmental standards. I think it's possible but I don't think it's a good idea. Not only would your people be upset (to put it mildly), but there would be a revolution here as well. But given the fact that we've given our liberties and rights away to them, they can get away with anything right now.
  9. Well, in order to join the EU they have to complete the "United States of Europe" and it's looking like a very delicious concept to our leaders. In order for that to happen, our environmental policies need to change and they're taking some pretty big steps on getting that process in order.
  10. hahaha no. Cops have been really tight around here. I'm still making plans on moving though. Not that this kind of thing isn't happening everywhere right now but because it's really expensive where I am at the moment. It's the county seat full of judges, lawyers, etc.
  11. I agree with you mostly. The statistics in Canada are amazing. They do not have free gun reign therefor there are less murders there. Unfortunately, there's a part of me that doesn't want the ban. I'm a stay at home mom and a student. If some crazy runs in here with a weapon, all I have is knives, furniture and my fists. Not so good odds for me there. I hate guns but for my daughter, I might just have to get one. This has been going around for a while. Actually the Bush administration had started this. They do want to merge these 3 countries. They're thinking it'll help the economy. Since Obama came into power, the agreement has been placed on hold but not actually thrown out. Kinda makes me wonder. After the stuff that happened with me, I wanted to get a shotgun. The only gun I've ever shot was a .22 and it was because I thought it was a toy. I've had issues with guns since. Plus, I have a kid. My father-in-law suggested getting a revolver as they're safer and easier to put away and access. I just don't know. I'd rather get some mace, a tazer and a staff. The United States government is considering on joining the EU. Since Saudi Arabia sells their oil only by the euro, it makes it incredibly difficult for us here since we're the #1 consumers of oil and the dollar is piss. It's hurting us really bad.
  12. I LOVED that movie when I was a little girl!
  13. I was always a Tripod girl. Don't know why... What I said was not relevant.
  14. I remember being introduced to the Zelda series at the age of four. My older cousin and I would sit forever playing that and the Castlevania series on NES. I had fun playing A Link to the Past. Although, it's one of those games where you play it, beat it and you're done. I have to wait a few years before picking it up again to start over. I LOVED Ocarina of Time. Majora's Mask irritated me to no end. I got all the masks but it was such a downer at the end. The last boss was way too easy to beat and that is something you should never do in a game. If the game is going to be hard, make the boss harder! If you don't, it feels like you did all that for nothing. Plus, the moon looked ridiculous. TP (Twilight Princess) is exactly that. TP. I'll wipe my bum with that game. I felt like a guinea pig with all that craziness with the controllers. Link's Awakening was an awesome game. I also really enjoyed The Minish Cap.
  15. Getting better. Still haven't moved yet. Had some complications so we're figuring our best bet is to wait until our tax returns come in. Things have calmed down around here the past week or so. Things are getting back to normal and we're getting ready for the holidays.
  16. Ahhh..that's what that other post was about I know what you mean. I had an event recently that needed physical contact.
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