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  1. That should totally go into the Not So Hot Chicks thread.
  2. Dear God! :lol: :lol: Sorry...I detest that movie.
  3. Women get a bit more descriptive than just toys
  4. hahahhaa...you sure? she's a plus size model.
  5. Nice to meet ya Look forward to getting to know you on here.
  6. These aren't new but here you go anyway. Showing some class: ..and no, I don't smoke so much that tobacco stains my camera lenses. It was at a bowling alley:
  7. Thanks a lot I appreciate it. Welcome to the forum. Although, not really a welcoming topic hah. Always nice to meet new people!
  8. Oh YES! I just remembered that I like The Life Aquatic and Phantom of the Opera soundtracks as well.
  9. I have to agree with that statement. My buddy's mom works in that field and she's ALWAYS giving him the wrong medical advice. I've never gone to school or any of that jazz but just about EVERYONE in my family is in some form of medical profession so I have a little more knowledge than the average person. When she tells him some things, he usually gets a second opinion from me and if I have no clue, he'll go straight to a doctor. But some of her suggestions are outrageous.
  10. That's a very stressful position. My aunt was a surgeon for many years. What kind of surgery?
  11. Well, she has beautiful skin nonetheless. Most mixed people do. However, there is obviously a ton of makeup on her. I don't even think it was photoshopped. Looking closely though, she kinda has a Michael Jackson nose (in the middle transition phase before it was completely hacked off mind you.)
  12. Yeah, some of you boys might be shocked at what us girls talk about when we're in a group of confidants.
  13. So you guys think all half blacks look like mannequins? I'm confused.
  14. Wow, Ice Man I had no idea! Back in '99, I was accepted at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow. My dreams were shattered and I couldn't go because of some issues that were going on. The aftermath of it all left me broke and hopeless. Then I started looking up colleges for film since I have boxes of half finished screenplays written. I thought perhaps if I couldn't do theater, maybe I could be a director. Preferably for documentaries. Now, I'm fat w/ a kid but still holding onto the dreams of being in the entertainment industry. I never wanted to be into heavy acting though because I'm not a put-me-in-the-spotlight kind of person. I preferred being in theater as well. There's more concentration and artistic achievements involved when you're into that sort of thing.
  15. Hmmm...I like many. LOTR Excalibur Jurassic Park Terminator 2 Once Upon a Time in the West Transformers (old) Forrest Gump Sweeney Todd The Shining Hairspray (yes...Hairspray) Predator Donnie Darko Little Miss Sunshine Walk the Line Batman There are many more but that's what I can think of on the spot.
  16. Thank you. I am too. It's amazing what a pissed off mommy can do lol A crippled one at that!
  17. I'd still be willing to help her if she hadn't of pulled a knife on me in front of my kid. I forgive her already because I know the kind of problems she has. But I'm still going to press charges. She has to learn that there are repercussions for the things she does. No bad deed should be left unpunished in my opinion. I'm not going to file a restraining order however. That way there would still be a chance for apologies (on both ends) and perhaps her wanting help. I honestly don't see that happening but who knows?
  18. FINALLY SOMEONE AGREES W/ME! Did you ever read the review that my husband and I wrote in my blog?
  19. Shoma, I know what you mean about that out of reach dream. I've been wanting to direct/screen write since I was a kid. Unfortunately, film schools are horrendous with fees and it's never a for-sure thing when you DO graduate. I'm thinking about being an Ultra Sound tech and take some theology classes online. For now, we're waiting until things come together financially in order for me to start. The problem with me is that I get bored easily. I'll want to do something new and maybe go back to something else later. I like learning. I honestly don't see myself doing one thing for the rest of my life. Aside from being a mom.
  20. The brother and gf doesn't have any kids. It's my friend and her fiance who has the kid. Just wanted to clear that up. Not sure how I came off as biased or hypocritical but I appreciate the advice. I just have to forgive myself for the way I handled it. My temper has been in an overdrive kind of state for a few weeks. But I will continue w/the charges and just step out of the picture until my friend gets out of there. I have my own life and child. I don't want her around that garbage.
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