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  1. Yeah I felt the same way about Eragon. Saw Dragonslayer after many years. Still think it's great.
  2. www.techzinformatica.blogspot.com www.shacknews.com www.ign.com www.gamesradar.com
  3. I find that very adorable. I love pixeled stuffs.
  4. I'm go for the octagon as well. I'm actually going to have Scott read all this because he was talking about making his own joysticks not too long ago. Perhaps you guys can brainstorm.
  5. I have to give it to her. She's brave.
  6. ^^^Awesome. That's really hilarious
  7. Oooo! I have Resistance 1 & 2 as well. We should play sometime
  8. That's it, go out with a bang. Have the last word and feel good about it. It really doesn't matter. And it's amazing how you can be totally convinced that you're right about everything. Wonder how hard it is for you to admit your wrongdoings. Get over yourself. Bye and good riddance.
  9. I can't even consider this as legit. This is seriously their marketing?
  10. Legend of Dragoon is amazing. No doubt about that. But I just adore my FF games. Especially FF3 (6), 7,8 and 10.
  11. what? yeah.....wha? Is this an Oblivion reference?
  12. Never heard about the cookies. I have heard about cheese however.
  13. Yeah, I've been wanting to get that and Siren as well. Need time and moneeeeeeeyyy
  14. For some reason the whole Dynasty Warriors series is like crack to me. Once I start, it'll take me forever to blink. I'm like that way with most FF games as well.
  15. I'm not going to bother retaliating to her comments. I will make a few corrections. I didn't say I disliked Bambi. What I DID say was that when I have read some of my responses to Bambi's comments I came off like I didn't like her but that was the complete opposite. I'm just that way with girls and it has nothing to do with being an attention seeker. I get plenty of attention from my husband and friends. I don't find it needed on an emulation forum. I've realized with every single girlfriend that I've had, I piss off somehow because for some reason they can't take my blunt way of thinking. Men can. I apologized about my inability to convey my thoughts regarding her thread. There's nothing more I can do (or that I'm willing to do) about that. I'm not going to delve into these ridiculous immature accusations. If you send someone a message titled "truce?", then mean it. I hold no grudges but I dearly hope that while she's gone, she can think about how she reacts to others and grow up a bit. I do apologize to everyone about the pointless argument that was placed here. I'm not here to portray myself as some know-it-all or whatever descriptions you find necessary of me. I'm just here talking to people and having a few laughs. EM, if you do decide to come back, I have no issues with that.
  16. Just something I threw out there because of the disagreement we had. But whatever..no biggie.
  17. Yeah....I'm thinking this whole thread just needs to be deleted Gettin' kinda....off base.
  18. EM and I have talked things over. So there's no flame throwing or hissy fits going on here Ahh...a new beginning
  19. That is indeed the case. I hold no ill feelings towards her. I blame myself for not stating things properly. I just hope that everyone learns not to take people seriously. I was just trying to give tips because I had a friend that was in the same boat. I had to give her the harsh truth of telling her to grow up. But I didn't mean for all this to go off. As I clarified before, I meant "You" as a general audience. My grammar isn't perfect all the time.
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