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    I want to fish off of a cloud, and eat marshmallow pies. Use fingernails for bait to catch humans so I can dress them up and have them be my marionettes. Let them dance into their grave in a useless manner. Fuck segregation.

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  1. Well, I have been, and in story mode there is a set that says I don't have a particular song by the white stripes. I looked online in their song list of buyable shit, and that song I needed was in there.
  2. So, I just rented RB2, and on one of the sets it tells me I have to have some other songs in order to play this one particular set. Now, here is the question I have: Do I have to buy those songs in order to beat this game, or what? I don't want to buy shitty songs for a game I've rented.
  3. Yeah, I've come across a lot of weird shit playing on the ps3. One for instance is when I'm playing multiplayer, The frame rate issues are retarded. It'll go really slow, and them speed back up to normal.
  4. Dude, I played borderlands, and it kicked ass. I am level 47 already, and i think we've had it for about 2 weeks. Granted we play here and there, but shit, I like the leveling up, and the huge range of weapons. Now, what I have noticed, is that when you're a lower level, and you go up to this one area, and kill all the guys out there when you first get the car. You go up into this ramp, through two building, and in the second one there is a gun chest. If you go up there, collect your "loot", exit the game, and do it again, you can keep getting weapons that are like level 25 when you're level 15. They sell for an ass load. This works all throughout the game, too. If you get a chest, exit, and come back, you can get more and more loot. Oh, and I totally choose Mordecai over the other characters. He's got this badass bird that you can make fly around while on fire, and it catches everyone on fire. I also really liked the "second wind" aspect. Granted, playing single player makes it a little harder, but the multiplayer is definitely the way to go. Although, when you play mulitplayer online, the people I have played with only seem interested in fighting against each other. Which really sucks. So despite the online multiplayer is only flawed by it's players, I really, really like this game, and recommend it to anyone whose up for a good RPS.
  5. I liked Twilight Princess. I thought that the final boss was a pain in the ass, but it was still fun. Majora's Mask was a pain in the ass, too. The boss battle at the end was particularly too easy. I played a little bit of Wind Waker. It was fun despite all the sailing around. Ocarina of Time was badass though. I was about 7 or 8 when it came out. I didn't have an nes until I was older, but I still got to play all the nes games either at friend's houses or with emulators. I sometimes wish I was older so I could get to see the development of the modern video game. Instead I grew up with the N64 and playstation, and shit like that.
  6. I got a friend of mine, who dated this one trick for like 3 years or something like that, and she cheated on him, and they broke up. Dave told me that he couldn't get it up for anyone. He could try and try, but he couldn't have sex with anyone. He then said he could only get it up for his ex-girlfriend. They're back together, and she's pregnant. So, it was obviously something psychological. In his case at least.
  7. Dude. The Unas guys.... I loved the episodes with them. My friends and I once decided it'd be an awsom idea to watch stargate trippin balls. Now, not only did it make teal'c fucking purple and gold, but the unas were creepy as shit. I think the older show itself was better. I don't really know about this Stargate Atlantis, or that new one that just came out. Atlantis's effects look like they're good for the 90's. I don't watch it cause it looks too silly. I din't start watching stargate until recently, but hell yeah man. Does highlander count? it does right? Liek the one with adrian paul?
  8. reminds me of the immortal episode of Aquateen hungerforce. The one with the depressed doll. Shake said that since all he wanted to do was die, he wanted to give him the opposite with eternal life from shake throwing him off of a cliff that he said he saw on Highlander.
  9. I think if it's in moderation it can be pretty hot, but people who pierce their cheeks, or have more than one in one place, or surface piercings, are a little over excessive. I don't mind lips, or septums.
  10. Oh, and yeah, I can get SG full sets, and I'm not a member That's were I got those.
  11. I think the chick in the middle is ugly. Ugly people get tattoos to make themselves pretty, or at least so people avert their attention away from their faces.
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