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  1. epsexe is the most popular emu but ive had the most success with pSX emulator http://psxemulator.gazaxian.com/
  2. http://www.electracode.com/4/joy2key/JoyTo...h%20Version.htm <- link to a simple page with joy to key on it
  3. if you would elaborate i would be happy to help
  4. take a look at http://forums.ngemu.com/pcsx2-official-forum/ theres a FAQ there
  5. Ive seen the movie twice and i think its great , but theres a couple of things i cant quite get straight
  6. Mine are 1 Metal slug series 2The simpsons 3 flying power disc 4 Smash tv 5C.O.W boys or sunset riders cant decide
  7. http://www.gameboy-advance-roms.com/ has alot of info on them , and you can buy them at these sites: http://www.GameboyMulticarts.com and http://www.Gameboy-Games.com hope this helps
  8. my favorites were wcw vs. nwo World Tour Mario party Super smash brothers DK64 Mario kart 64 Virtual pro Wrestling 64 Clay fighter 63 1/3
  9. ejaculating is designed to feel good to encourage humans to reproduce , DUH its not an unanswered question
  10. ook thanks but i would like a second oppinion because the ones i burnt in the past had no allignment problems at all
  11. hi i have just started using nero burning rom 8 and have successfully burnt a few games onto cd-r's , now my problem , the game i have burnt just recently with n.b.r8 have a problem with the horizontal postition of the picture , there is a black strip at the bottom of the picture and the top of the picture is cut off , now i know its not my TV because my old backups ran fine and the tv supports both ntsc and pal signals so i think theres a problem with the way im burning the images to the cd-r btw i am burning at 32x all help will be appriciated
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