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  1. Of course there is no getting by being better than the Joker from the comics. I used to read those faithfully. Movie wise, I have to admit I haven't seen the Dark Knight as of yet but I certainly LOVED Nicholson's performance. I believe Heath Ledger was a good actor but I don't want to make any positive judgements on his part just because he passed away. (No disrespect intended) Too many people (especially ladies) admire him because of his good looks and unfortunately, most people like so called actors/actresses because of their appearance and not their talents or lack therof. So yeah...Nicholson has my vote so far.
  2. hahahaha I had an obsession with ToeJam & Earl. Ranger X was pretty awesome.
  3. I absolutely adored Ocarina of Time and 007. I played those constantly. I wasn't too impressed with Majora's mask. I beat it and it was totally disappointing. The last battle was way too simple and anti-climatic in my opinion. I enjoyed playing MarioKart but don't get me started on the Castlevania one.....horrid horrid work.
  4. .....it's hard to identify someone if there is a camera in the face lol (not that I know what you look like anyway) Get along folks!
  5. Welcome welcome Tone! Although I just registered yesterday haha.....Peeps have been nice so far
  6. Ouch....... What a puny useless untalented young woman. She needs to get her vocal cords yanked.
  7. Eh...I bought Resident Evil: Extinction just because I'm anal about my movie collections and I already had the other two. I saw it in theaters but wasn't really impressed but yeah...that's how I roll. I noticed on one part that seriously annoyed me. For those of you who have seen this flick, do you remember the part when she found the book from the decaying hanging guy in the gas station? Well, there is a scene in which she's reading it and there shows what is supposed to be her thumb. It looked like a man's thumb. Wide, flat and an excessively thick nail. After closing the book, you see a soft white feminine thumb. Ok I understand this might be a bit ridiculous for me to complain about but when you want to add that much detail, why not go all the way? When she closed the book, her thumb was a bit more distant. Well, why couldn't they dirty up her finger a bit? Detail people detail. Other than that, I found the movie kinda bland. I liked how they made the zombies look in the first one but in this one, they seemed to put too much effort which caused them to look more prosthetic and not realistic.
  8. He wasn't just an amazing actor, he was also quite the humanitarian. He was a very charitable man. I don't think a man should be remembered just for being on screen. He was actually somewhat of a hero since he had the means to help others as he did. He's awesome. R.I.P
  9. I wouldn't suggest going into security. I am a Security officer and I can tell you that it's not worth it. You're not guaranteed to get a "G" license (for a gun..of course) unless the company who hired you has a client that needs that much security (ie airports, car dealerships etc.). You have to take a class that lasts one to two weeks (some are free depending on company) then waste gas, then pay $100 to have your picture taken, FBI background check and whatnot. The security jobs here average to $8.50/hr with ridiculous schedules. You have to pay $80 every two years (and moreso if you have a "G" license) to keep it current. Not to mention you have to deal with self righteous old fools who think because they're wearing a uniform they have as much authority as a cop. For that much pay, crappy benefits and dumb people, it's not really worth it in my opinion.
  10. In the beginning I was pretty convinced I would vote for Obama and totally against McCain and ESPECIALLY Hillary. But the more research I did (not just propaganda), I came to realize that Obama is doing just what Kerry did. Flip-Flop. I am still convinced that McCain wouldn't be getting my vote considering the man is only using his past imprisonment in war as an excuse as to why he should be president. Not to mention that he's promising a 100 yr war. I believe a woman would be a great president but totally not one like Hillary so I'm pretty glad she's out. I was proven in the election between Bush and Gore that our vote technically doesn't matter. If they're a loophole and you have money or a daddy that will get you where you want, the country and the foundation of that country is moot. It's sad how this country has become but it's shown me that I technically don't have the rights "they" claim we do. So...I'm not voting this time not just because of that but because I find them both full of it.
  11. Yeah I've set myself up quite a few times expecting a "game movie" to be interesting. I usually become somewhat disappointed. Oh well, we'll see.
  12. Hello I'm Hera living in Florida. My buddy Belthasar told me about this forum. Seemed pretty cool to me. I've not had much experience in the Emulation field. Just downloaded a couple for creating music and tried once for gaming but it didn't pan out so well. So...I'm hoping to meet some cool "nerds" like myself and share some valuable gaming info. Toodles!
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