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  1. my main source of info for jailbreaking is http://www.ipodtouchfans.com/forums/ I have 4.1 on my touch 2g and I used snowbreeze. but since then limera1n has come out. jailbreakme.com doesn't work with 4.1 just make sure you back up first. and take your time. once you are jailbroken the number one app to get is installous.
  2. hahahahah I know it sucks but that shit is funny. I remember when my son was about 3 he figured out how to order movies on the satellite. I had like a 500 dollar bill cuz he ordered Barney like 200 times. then he figured out that if you wet toilet paper and throw it it will stick to the ceiling. fucking kids man. hahah. that's not to mention all the sandwiches stuck in VCRs and hot wheels cars flushed down toilets.
  3. now imagine after all that time all your missions are in New Vegas. and every time you step foot in New Vegas the Securitrons shoot missles up your ass.
  4. I think I am looking at my third restart.... Which I am not looking forward to. a string of decisions has made my progress almost impossible.
  5. Do the kings missions and he can get you a passport
  6. I hate the hacking mechanic too. I just refuse to do it. it's retarded.
  7. the first watch looks retarded. I don't know why high end watch makers feel the need to completely change the way a watch tells time. the second one in the video seems cool. I like you can see the movement. but it looks like the band is made of rubber.... and the bezel is ugly. I just like standard watches. I wear a watch every day and if I forget to put it on I feel naked all day and constantly check my bare wrist. I only like analog faces, no digital shit. Metal bands, but not the kind that stretch. those pull the hair out of my arms. I hate, HATE, rubber, leather, or fabric bands. and my watch has to be HEAVY. I want to feel that shit. when I take it off and put it on the sink it should make a thud. My dad had a nice rolex. and when he died I was, and still am PISSED that I didn't get it. (or anything else for that matter, but especially the watch.)
  8. there are some cracked out muthafuckas here.
  9. found out why.. I'm fucked. took the dashboard beta MS pushed me.
  10. what release of Fable 3 did you get? cuz I've burned 3 coasters with the marvel release. It's not like this is my first rodeo... I know how to burn a 360 disc. this is ridiculous.
  11. Enjoy that 10hr dessert hike before u get to vegas hahah, well there is stuff to do on the way. I just set foot in New Vegas after about 13 hours. but now it's on hold due to Fable III.
  12. Holy shit. Fable III. Gotta grab that in the am.
  13. it's a handgun named "that gun" It's the Bladerunner Pistol. not the strongest gun in the game by any stretch. but it kicks ass that it's in the game. too bad it doesn't have the secondary fire.
  14. I didn't really like the first one so I may skip force unleaded II. This is the good months when releases flood in every week. EA MMA is pretty good I like it better then ufc. Ufc was actually too complicated to be fun IMO
  15. yeah I have always hated when you go into a house and kill the NPC. but then you can't sleep in their bed.
  16. I like "that gun" it's harrison ford's gun from bladerunner. I find the crafting mechanic to be worthless. the different ammo types are crap too. I'm sure they work but in the middle of a fire fight I don't want to be constantly switching ammo. so i just sell off all the hollow points and shit like that. and there doesn't seem to be as many interactive NPCs as the last one.
  17. steel battalion controller for OG XBox is the most hard core mech controller around. I actually knew a guy who had one. from wiki"
  18. Fallout: New Vegas is pissing me off. but it's my own fault for not hard saving and relying on autosave. I was out and about in a gang outfit. fast traveled back to army camp (autosave) entire camp starts shooting (dies) loads autosave (dies) repeat. my last hard save was at the end of the tutorial......
  19. it was all down hill for van Damme after Blood Sport. nothing compares.
  20. Ice skate and a rock... Castaway style. hahah. I still have all (3, one never came in) of mine. they suck. get infected a few times a year it seems. when I was in my 20s they really took a push and made my bottom teeth become misaligned. I've never had dental insurance or the money to get them taken care of.
  21. My father-in-law used to have a whole "Salsa garden" fresh tomatoes, cilantro, onions, garlic, bell peppers, Jalapeños. the works. best Salsa I ever had. But generally I am not much for spicy food. I have acid reflux so bad I'll be fucked up for days if I don't watch myself.
  22. the whole "you can't have a man-cave cuz then I can't be up your ass all day" thing is it's own issue. everyone needs space. a little bit of alone time. I don't have a man-cave cuz we simply don't have any extra space. but my wife knows if I grab my guitar and go back to the bedroom it's "me" time. and I know if she goes back there and gets on the phone with her girl friend it's "her" time. I don't need to be up her ass all the time and she doesn't need to be up mine.
  23. what?! I thought you were in love
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