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  1. I think I am gonna grab it on Steam. my xbox is jtag so no XBL my ps3 is 3.55cfw so no PSN (if it were even up)
  2. I played about 10 minutes of Magicka on PC. not my kind of game.
  3. finished Portal 2. it was OK. funny and hard in places. I tried WWE All Stars but my god the loading.........Loading..........Loading. I'm not getting any younger so DELETED! Still plugging away at the MK challenge tower.
  4. the story mode is the best story mode in all of fighting game history.
  5. what is the card to get in the 150usd price range? I've been thinking of upgrading myself.
  6. Nothing like spawning, then immediately being head shot from across the map. Now that's what I call FUN! (not)
  7. it reminds me of shadowrun. hopefully the parkour is done well. and its not just another roadie run and cover shooter.
  8. err.. I don't see the problem. turtles get pwned with chip damage? use a breaker and be done with it.
  9. I was thinking, "are we supposed to remember this guy?"
  10. Homefront 2 = sucks. these are the dry times. nothing to look forward to except MK.
  11. is Yakuza 4 any good. I never even played Yak3. just deleted it.
  12. the Mayans were a year and change off... we're fucked.
  13. According to Gryph's facebook he's stuck in an airport over there.
  14. Dragon age 2. Pretty nice. Infamous. I don't like it. Killzone 3. Fucked up controls. Uncharted 2. I'll come back to it later, just played the first level.
  15. illegal link.... you should know better Tsk-Tsk
  16. use the thumper leash. dizzies em every time. then leash the head. rinse.. repeat. dead.
  17. finished heavy rain. I think I got the "best" ending. It was decent. but I don't think I will ever play it again to get the trophys I missed. The QTE gameplay is just to damn annoying to mess with it again. plus I need the Hard Drive space.
  18. get good (verbatim) DL-DVRs get imgburn get abgx download game run game iso through abgx (this is partially for safety. it can be skipped if you aren't going online or patching the game. It will also make the .dvd file if you don't get it with the game iso.) open imgburn and choose burn image. drag the .dvd file onto imgburn. wait. ???? PROFIT! make sure you burn the games slow. like 2.4x or 4.0x It will take about 20 minutes at 4.0x to complete. its really pretty simple.
  19. well that didn't take long for me to become thoroughly annoyed by the cut scenes. it's like every 10 steps.
  20. Fight Night Champion - Like Solidius like the franchise so this is good. Story mode gives me mixed feelings. I like the real story this time round. but I miss creating a fighter and training him up. I haven't poked around to see if that is another mode now. currently installing MGS4 I've also got Yakuza 3, Siren, 3d dot game heroes and Uncharted 2. still to unzip and throw on the usb HDD.
  21. slide them dudes. then you can leash em out of the air. or shoot em in the butt. your choice.
  22. Heavy Rain. it goes against my "no QTE" rule. the whole damn thing is a QTE. but the story is keeping me engaged. I can only play it when my wife is home though cuz she doesn't want to miss anything.
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