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  1. Ems channels Gamecop through a ouiji board. It's dark magic you play with paul.
  2. I like bouncing baddies into the air then shooting a full clip into their buttholes
  3. you might be surprised to know that most people hanging around here haven't booted up an emulator since before the patriot act.
  4. Poking around some more I doubt anything above would work for you on Mac. Too bad. it looks like Supercade supports a shit ton of games and there are some rave reviews on SRK. I'm installing it now and will give it a shot. requires MS .NET4
  5. I did some checking and it seems Kaillera is dead, dead, dead. to bad. before your time Will we used to have a dedicated Kaillera server. It was good times. I seem to remember we had a few hosted tournies. and there were always site regulars on the server. as for alternatives. I don't think there is anything on Mame but a hacked p2p Kaillera. Most emulation gaming is going on GGPO and Supercade (used to be 2DF, I believe) both use custom emulators. I know GGPO's is based on Final Burn Alpha http://ggpo.net/ http://supercade.net/ I've played on GGPO and it is about the best netcode you'll find anywhere. but it only supports a handful of games. I never did try supercade. but it looks like it supports alot of games. Last time I played GGPO you could not make custom private rooms. so that is a downside. Maybe they updated it.
  6. well guys when you are following up a classic after 10 years it's never going to be as good as you hoped. that's why I put no stock in Duke Nukem. and other stuff that's been in the pipe for years and years. this game is good for what it is. it's no MvC2. but capcom has been turning away from that type of thing since TvC. hell even SFIV has newbie shortcuts for moves in it. Capcom isn't interested in making a serious fighter that will be played for years and years like past games. they have the Taste of money in their mouths with DLC. Instead of killing you with new versions every 6 months. they can nickel and dime you to death with character and costume packs. It's just the new way of doing things. 2 or 3 DLC packs and title updates from now it will be closer to what people were expecting. but after 10 years of salivating and dreaming it's NEVER going to live up to what you want.
  7. Bulletstorm. I actually played it for a few hours straight. that's a good sign for me. alot of shooters only get 30 minutes out of me.
  8. Are you serious?!?! that's basically the only game I was looking forward to over over the next few months
  9. did you ever play those star wars old republic games? its the same as that. there is sorta free roam I guess. you can go where you want but areas are small. you do level up.
  10. No, no, and no. basically you can expect mass effect 1 with a different number on the box. If you like that then is is win.
  11. don't forget to buy some used panties out of a vending machine.
  12. the whole graphics card world is a mystery to me. the naming conventons are retarded. no way to tell what's better then what.
  13. you didn't drop "Dr" for cred? I think I got mine cause I told them I am a mobile Field manager (I am) and that I wanted to convince my company to move us to light simple netbooks n our cars. (I don't)
  14. I'm sure you will. even the most hard core xbox fanboy has to admit the PS3 pad is better. wish someone would make a 360 pad with everything the same except a ps3 style crosspad. I like the stick layout and triggers better on xbox. you fuckers are really making me jones for a ps3.
  15. it is actually a decent win7 netbook. the ssd is retardedly small though. only 16gb. so the OS install takes about half. my activator caused it to crash so I am reinstalling right now. I think it would be better with ubuntu or something similar. maybe tinyXP would be the better choice as a mini mame cab heart
  16. I gave up on online a while ago. Don't miss it at all on my jtag xbox.
  17. I predict that unless you've been emotionally and mentally frozen in time for 14 years this game is gonna suck.
  18. we are looking to buy a house in the next few months so most of mine will be going to that. there may be an ipad in there somewhere though hahah
  19. this shit makes me wish for a PS3.
  20. s pretty much bullshit. they would have been better off concentrating on making an android version netbook compatible. basically imagine you're chrome browser stuck open. that's chromeOS. I'm currently installing Win7 on my CR48. (free Lappy FTW!) I think when I bore of it I am going to frankenstein the CR48 and my SFIV stick into a micro mame cabinet.
  21. it does feel very "TvC" I still prefer the TvC art style over this and SFIV. alot of the character choices seem very WTF to me. I haven't even played with most of the newbies.
  22. I find that as I get older my hands and brain don't work as fast as the old days. add to that less time to practice and no real motivation to be "great" adds up to me being a mediocre fighting game player. but it is still my favorite kind of game.
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