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  1. the biggest thing is giving the mods their power back. while you are MIA we get bombarded with bots and retards.
  2. group the consoles by generation, shitcan the xbox forum. it's tardville. merge all the DS stuff. fas, radio show, weblinks, MUGEN, Online gaming, ideas....shitcan em' they are useless.
  3. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/vga-10-tba-game-2/708369 you can change your shorts now. a whole fucking year to wait.......
  4. it was 70F yesterday got to 45F last night.
  5. I had an 88 T-bird that was pretty nice. this is a top ten of all time car right here. 64 t-bird
  6. shiba just gave a shit ton of solid options. I know who I am asking when ever I build another PC.
  7. didn't they put a patch out for PC performance? I played a bit of two worlds II on PC... kinda janky, didn't catch my interest. I'm pretty much done with gaming in general. at this point I have a broken 360 and an outdated graphics card on my PC with no desire to fix either problem. I'd like to get a jtag... maybe after tax time.
  8. I ate a native american... then I went and blew 100 bucks at the indian casino so it works out. in seriousness I ate a ham sandwich, drove my wife to work and kids to grandma's, went to bed, woke up and went to work. it's called reality. and it's a bitch.
  9. three stooges Moe haircut + heavy accent broken english as spoken by stroke victim + VCR obsession = WTF?
  10. I still see your FB Ems.... did she change your password? I don't see any strange posts... just the regular strangeness. haahah
  11. I just got a Samsung Intercept a few days ago. kinda middle of the road for Android handsets, But my plan is only 25bucks for unlimited text and data. I like it. I'm still debating if I should root it and install Froyo.
  12. plus you get one of those awesome purple bags.
  13. Inception - good but I think it will require a few watches to get it all. it suffered from something I really hate. when a movie is really loud and really quite from scene to scene. Scott Pilgrim........ yeah that shit was stupid. I guess I am just not geeky enough for that crap.
  14. what is bad about VCRs is you don't use them much right? so the sammy could be in there for months before you decide to watch that old VHS porno or whatever.
  15. I actually prefer it. I was in the beta for the last month. only issue is the new dash fucked me and I'll be banned next banwave, I'm sure. Still can't play Fable III. The nice thing about netflix is it now has a search. still can't just browse everything in a category. the Fucking Wii Netflix interface is better. WTF?
  16. I was using Boone as a packmule in my last game. just got to Primm in my new game. I may go with energy weapons this time. maybe tag it when I get that perk. I just hate to put points in anything but Guns, speech, medicine, survival, lockpick and sneak.
  17. I'm leery about scott pilgrim, but I'll still watch it. I just don't think I will like it. A ) I'm leery of anything the interweb majority deems teh awesome sauce B ) I want to choke Michael Cera with an extension chord C ) I love Mary Elisabeth Winstead and am really bugged by the stupid wig she's wearing. will I be able to overcome these bias... I dunno.
  18. I recorded the walking dead and also a zombie miniseries that was on but Haven't had time to watch them. I also grabbed Inception and Scott Pilgrim rips but who knows when I will be able to sit down and watch them.
  19. I don't put anything into Melee, bare hands, explosives, or laser weapons.
  20. restarting from scratch... going to put a bit more thought into my character this time.
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