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  1. street fighter!!!! 3rd strike for my x-box, a new 4,.. alpha 4,... I don't care but I need more!!! capcom all stars got cancelled
  2. When I got into it I got a refurbished x-box. the money saved payed for the chip. then I formatted and tore out a hdd from an old pc I had. not huge but I have 40gigs for just roms I keep most everything else on disk. and prican25 is right xbox-scene is a great place to learn about what your x-box is really capable of.
  3. my wife plays alot of games. she wouldn't call herself a "hard-core games" but she can keep up with me at most fighting and FPS games. but she likes the survival horror and RPGs mostly.
  4. i recently got rid of my retro stuff cuz the x-box is so awsome. modded x box w/fat HDD Ps2 with flip top and swap disks DC Genesis what I got rid of in the past year. TG16 SNes nes what I got rid of a long time ago, I kick myself every day! saturn I've owned everthing exept Neo-Geo and 3DO over the years. one day I will own a 4-slot MVS. eheheh.
  5. newer x boxes with samsung drives read cd-r it's the older ones with the thompson drive that only read cd-rw
  6. they make no-solder chips for the x-box. thats what I have. it was pretty easy to get set up but you need to know that any chip will void your warrenty and get you banned from Live if it is running and you are using live. although I understand a new chip is comming that will not be recognized by live. anyways ask around at your local video game retailer. alot of times the guys in there know someone who installs chips if you don't think you can do it yourself. and about finding a chip seller just google "xbox mod chip and you will find plenty of sites that sell them. between $30 -$60 dollars US.
  7. heheh I totally forgot the N-Gage. see that shows thier level of sucsess I remembered the wonderswan and not the N-Gage. eheheh.
  8. I'll get one. it's gonna be hard to muscle in on the Big N's handheld market. just ask SNK, Atari, Sega, NEC, and who ever made the wonderswan (I think Bandai?) But if anyones got deep enough pockets to do it it's Sony. as for the media I dunno the specs or if it is DVD or CD. But surely someone will figure a way to bootleg and copy the software.
  9. thats really cool I like the way you got your buttons set up! I've been thinking about doing something like this for awhile but I don't wanna start untill I have a house, I'd hate to move it to another upstairs apartment. heheheh. anyways inybody with one of these post those pics! Good luck on your project K'dash
  10. man that sux, good luck to that guy...he's gonna need it.
  11. Even at $129 it would make it awful hard on the big N to keep up. they are basicly giving thier hardware away, as it is with the bundles and low price. Sony and MS won't be happy until Nintendo goes the way of Sega. But then again Nintendo prolly won't be happy until it brings out another system with a totally haggard controller. heheh
  12. I've been reading that teams have thier own endings but you have to meet requirements to get them so far it seems you have to beat the kyo clone dude with a dm or sdm. thats waht every one is saying on various boards. I haven't tried it yet cuz I'm still waiting to get it running on my x-box
  13. just seen this at an xbox site: good news for those in the market for a new console! if the big two go to $99 by summer GC will have to drop to the $59 dollar range to survive.
  14. what irc channel was saying the new p would be released in 48 hours? I don't mess around with irc to much so I dunno the hot spots.
  15. the game looks pretty damn good but I haven't spent to much time (just a few rounds) playing it yet. I'm waiting for someone to get it into kawa-hex for my x-box.
  16. the official version you can get from irc. I got mine from #xbins but you have to also have an ftp program to get the file, but you should be able to get it on othe irc channels. you can PM Prican25 and ask for the hacked version, since the file won't download from the main site.
  17. Prican25: yeah I have heard about the x-box controller mod but I really wanna play laying on my bed with a 27 inch TV not sitting in an office with a 15 inch monitor. heheheheh.
  18. I hope this gets figured out soon cuz I don't have a pad for my pc and my forearms are killing me. heheheh
  19. I got svsplus to load but now i think I have a bad p1 for kof2k2 cuz it wont load. oh well I have all the other kof working now so 2k2 isn't such a big deal
  20. yeah i have unzipped them to check rom names and sizes then rezip them up fresh everything seems ok. and they do load up in winkawaks, just not kawa-hex
  21. when I start up my kawa-hex both games are in the list but when i select either it says something like "can't load svc_c1.rom or kf2k2_c1.rom. this is the first file to load and it always just stops and goes back to the menu. I know both these roms work on my pc anyone have any ideas?
  22. first off is your xbox modded? it has to be to run emulators. as for burning there are alot of good tutorials at xbox-scene. but you need to know which dvd drive you have in your x box too, older drives are picky about media.
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