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  1. eww that control scheme doesn't sound so hot. I just assumed it would be like MvC2. I heard Best Buys would be putting up kiosks this week.
  2. pepper jack would prolly go nice with the jalepinos and some spicy chili.
  3. I just visualized Dr Evil having Sex with Mini-Me for some reason
  4. Bulletstorm Demo. I can see having short term fun with this. much like The Club. Not something I'd be going back to after much time though. Fight Night Champions Demo. I always like the fight Night games so yeah. this is good.
  5. and also.... those pics prove the magic of makeup. doesn't even look like the same girl.
  6. WTF?! it's one or the other. all those lists are retarded. there is no secret. you can either A: forget it. (best choice) B: guilt her in to taking you back. (won't last long) C: cry until she gives you a mercy bang. I'm sure Paul will come in here with a wall of text about alpha males and backhanded complements juking her into wanting you above food and water. I don't buy any of that crap though. sometimes you don't get any choice in the matter. if she's done for good. you're just spinning your wheels.
  7. Hsien-Ko? fuck. shoulda been B.B. Hood
  8. you better take that gfx card money and put it away for diapers
  9. I'm truly sorry. I haven't had much time for DS2. I'm only to the part where you get the first suit. Hopefully I'll be able to get a bit more time in today.
  10. I had devil figured in the first 10 minutes. I picked who was the devil. then half way through my wife was like "how does it feel to be wrong fool?" I said just you wait... I know M Night Shammalammadingdong better then he does. the main disappointment with the Fighter for me was that the movie didn't go on to show the Ward Gotti fight. it was a battle and won fight of the year. Ward and Gotti had 3 fight of the year matches Ward won the first. Gotti won the 2nd and 3rd. I suppose they couldn't get permission from Gotti's family. But that was the pinnacle of Ward's career.
  11. this game is just proving that I am too far out of the loop on the Marvel side. I have no idea who half of them are. including Taskmaster
  12. Mindhack Gray Matter Two Worlds II they are all misses is you pay for games.
  13. both the versions of true grit and the fighter I got were over 1gig a piece. but they were fine quality. True Grit was quite though. I had to crank my TV all the way up.
  14. True Grit. bad ass movie. The Fighter. Bad ass movie.
  15. you're just mad cuz you sold yours. if they gave a $100 price cut I'd buy one now.
  16. I still don't get the Oblivion hate. maybe I just don't pay enough attention to details. but I thought it was a fine game.
  17. I could give a shit about bonus characters. especially Kratos. I don't like him as a character design myself. I think the assassins creed guy would fit in well with MK though.
  18. Emsley: as you know I am a man of special needs, prepare to receive the fist of fury. Students: errrgggh Emsley: Prepare the long rubber glove! eeny, meeny, miny, moe, I wonder where my glove will go?
  19. there was a web series on crackle shot completely with a flipHD type camera from Kodak. http://www.crackle.com/c/Woke_Up_Dead/?utm...0552_487lrz1638 the main thing is you just have to be creative. use a broom for a boom mic, some weight suspended from the tripod screw hole for "steady cam" hell even a string with a few washers on it works as a tripod. drop the washers to the ground and step on em, then pull the camera up tight against the string. zero shake.
  20. look at the limited edition. the first limited edition I would want to spend on. something useful for a change. the box is a fight stick! http://www.joystiq.com/2010/12/14/mortal-k...n-gamestop-com/
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