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  1. chancast doesn't update yet,what do i neec to update?
  2. I am back download url : http://www.ff18.com/cemu/CemuUtilitiesv0.01.zip
  3. Cemu Utilities Ver 0.01 Usage 2016-10-26 01:00 GMT +8========================================================================== 愁 愁 愁 愁愁 愁 == 愁 愁 愁愁愁愁愁愁愁愁 愁愁愁 愁 == 愁愁愁愁愁愁愁愁愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 == 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁愁愁愁 愁 愁愁愁愁愁愁 愁 愁 == 愁 愁 愁愁 愁 愁 愁 愁愁 愁 愁 == 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁愁 愁 愁 愁 == 愁愁愁愁愁愁愁愁愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 愁 == 愁 愁 愁 愁愁愁愁 愁
  4. I am going to release a 6.0 version with Windows Mode and Cheat support. If cop see this message, please contact me at MSN.
  5. Hello GameCop, I am back here. I made a SFIII2ND Hack ROM, plz see it here ------------------link removed------------------
  6. the hotkey in 0.1 was exist. it is ALT+S, please see readme for detail. I am waiting for COP to get up, because I was tired too.
  7. You should setup up a new cleaning chankast to test.
  8. Actully, I modified 8253 controller but nothing
  9. You should open your windows clock first, and then run speedpig, see if you clock go fast or slower, and think about if you change the FSB, the clock should go fast or slower too?
  10. I had already send the release version to COP, ask him for detail
  11. Just missing a readme.txt file now, and I have to wait Cop to wake up, and the domain name become useful.
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