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  1. what do ya people think about game cube and the games to me it sucks b/c u cant play dvds so in my mind the could stop selling i would die happy.
  2. hey if i wanted to hear lip from u i would have asked i am just doing this stuff just to have somthing to do in school. Edit: Disoblige (Ehh no name calling) later cory
  3. i would like to first person shooter games they rock
  4. what would yas most fav. char be for snk
  5. i think nwo is the worst in my mind but no mercy was bad a$$
  6. if your like me u hate the n64 cont. and u really cant or at least i have not found a n64 cont. that works for com. so u have to use a plastaion cont. which is hard. to me it is b/c i forget the buttons ect. well i just wanted to say that
  7. thanx i will try this to see if it works
  8. a few days ago i was looking for some mame roms. well idid what some people told me and really looked well i found them and all but all of the ones i have down loaded where windows 98 and i need some for windows xp if some 1 will help i will be happy
  9. i know i have not word hard enough to get this b/c i have not looked hard enough but i was wondering if any 1 can help me find a mame emulator for windows xp. Any type of help will work
  10. To me since it was my first game i like it. the game lack alot of stuff like a health bar not many guns ect. i would just like your opion on these type of games.
  11. I think the first game i played would more than likely metal slug from mame. I know ya are thinging im lame but im only 15. I just heard about emulators about 2 years ago.
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