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  1. The music from the penguin stage is a notable entry...
  2. It would be funny if RIA and a whole bunch of others jumped the band wagon and gangbanged that site.
  3. What the hell? How did you know?! It seems like everyone but me can identify the attacker. Can you actually do that? Because I also get spanked by anonymous people higher up. If you really try though you can make a great amount of progress in a short amount of time. Actually, two weeks ago I was like level 4, but now look at me, I chasing all you uber levels up like Oprah on a bucket of chicken. NeoMaster attacked Z-Neo with a Grenade Launcher (15 str) and misses! Z-Neo counterattacks with a Grenade Launcher (13 str) and takes off 1! NeoMaster has 14 HP left! You gain: 1 EXP points!!!! CRAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!
  4. Tsunade chest is the size of my 20" monitor.
  5. The organizations suing are basically MPAA and RIA right? So people downloading games and stuff are in the clear for now? I heard about some organizations taking down software and apps but not games.
  6. Alrighty, I picked up GT4 a few days back and began playing it. It's my first GT experience and I'm not quite into it yet. For one the game is kind of unfriendly to n00bies and the cars are difficult to control. Falling off track and into the grass screws up your whole race and you have to restart. I'm playing Gran Turismo Mode right now and I purchased the Mirage Mitsubishi car and I getting owned big time! I just bought it because it was in my price range and it's like an 80's model and the other cars I race are all recent. Any tips on how to get the most speed out of my car? Is there an option to sell this piece of junk? And how should I go about this Gran Turismo mode? I would go to GameFaqs but no one has got any decent FAQs up,
  7. That's awesome then. It's a definate buy. Are like the graphics enhanced or direct ports?
  8. Simply hope that you are right. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Coming from a huge tekken fan, you will not be disappointed. There are so many little things they did with the game. There are only a few small gripes i have with the whole package, but none of them have to do with tekken 5 itself. Devil Within mode gets kind of repetetive after a while, and the arcade ports of tekken 1,2,and 3 cannot pause at all. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> They included Tekken 1-3 in this package?
  9. What the hell? What are you drooling about? Am I missing something?!
  10. With the MPAA rampant in trying to sue everyone (even the dead) I wouldn't be surprised if some unlucky bt downloaders who didn't even do much get screwed. So Weird, you can be afraid. Very afraid.
  11. i agree, playboy seems to be making all the wrong moves.. first the "playboy - The mansion" and now this, way to go playboy... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Don't you ever...EVER insult playboy the mansion.
  12. I usually see 60 year old women and hairy 40 year old men.
  13. That's just plain weird...its almost like they're encouraging it.
  14. I doubt it. Most of his comments were based on definitions and speaking for garageink. Not much of it was about RPG's. But I don't get into that. There's more things to be said but I'd had my fill. Why don't someone just close this thing already?
  15. My efforts gave you 1 exp. You should be grateful. Don't worry, it happens when your lvl1. I got spanked daily until I figured out what to do.
  16. You should post your points up gryph, I really would like to hear what you have to say. The only reason I started cursing is because the whole incident was dying down and then Daeval comes in with 'i don't know what's going on but let's increase the fire anyways" with comments that have no concrete proof. The timeline was this: -Someone stated that story has nothing to do with good RPG's. I debated how that's wrong. -Gryph said that Eastern's are plain crap without adding IMHO I took it seriously and told you how Eastern's aren't crap and that storyline makes a better experience when you reach the end. -Misunderstandings took place and ultimately I thought the hate towards Eastern RPG's is based on culture rather than material. I took back my words for calling you a prejudice. We were going to call a truce. -Mr Big Shot Daeval comes in and explains what an "Western RPG" with poor examples constantly talking about Fallout and Morrowind. Takes the word racism and plays around with it, and then comments on how I don't know whats going on. The rest is history.
  17. NeoMaster attacked Bob Jahovic with a Pimp Slap (1 str) and took off 2! Bob Jahovic has 0 HP left! Bob Jahovic is now dead, therefore cannot counterattack!!!! You gain 1 frag(s) (0 stolen). You gain: 1 EXP points!!!! There we go. I'm satisfied.
  18. Where is he? I must give the initiation pimp slap.
  19. That's a nice...sword you got there.
  20. From now on I click ctrl+f and put in "cash" in the find box.
  21. As soon as I heard about the "let's band together and fight the MPAA". I was VERY suspicious of Lokitorrent and avoided it completely...for fear that they were monitoring people and selling the info to the MPAA. But I was fooled since it was a Hoaxxers.
  22. Meh, I like PC ports to Xbox because of my low grade vid card. Having it on XboX provides some convience to upgrading my comp...but I can't say that since I don't have XboX. I drained $400 on my Ps2. But wait till I win the lottery...
  23. Why does everyone hate XboX? I believe most people on this forum are true PC gamers...am I correct? Out of the three systems, XboX is hosts more PC ports than the others.
  24. So basically stating that I'm not educated. Wow, your hypocrisy astounds me. Why don't you rephrase and say to use nicer words for insults instead of being more direct? I really didn't want to offend you...especially after showing how much school you've been enriched with. Wow, you know a Latin phrase and can look up racism in the dictionary. Yet you say my agruments are straw, you haven't provided any good arguments and ride on garageink's back and defend him while at the same time putting words in his mouth? If he wanted to reply to me he should of done so himself, if its not your business you should just stay out, or maybe you are just contending K'dash's troll position.
  25. I still see lokitorrent trackers up...what's up with that?
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