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  1. Magic the gathering duels of the planeswalkers. Much more convenient than play with actual cards
  2. I've got the correct roms but what are the chd files? I've got a complete romset but when I try and play some of them I get an error message saying I'm missing chd file. What are they and what do you do with them?
  3. So i have finally gotten just about all the games i wanted to play on mame to work except a few. These are carnevil, magic the gathering armageddon, and demon front. Im sure there are more that i cant think of right at the moment. If anyone happens to know if there is a version of mame these work for or have any info that might help me out id appreciate it.
  4. thanks for all the help guys, as far as final fight revenge its the only one ive never played. Fan of the series so thought id check it out.
  5. Thanks guys I will try all of that out tonight. The only question I have is what version of mame are you using that all of those roms work for?
  6. Well ive spent many hours collecting all those classic beat em up arcade games and i have played and played and felt like I was back in huge arcades in the mall which was great. The only problem is that there are a hand full that I can't get to work no matter what I do. They say that parts are missing in the rom when i audit them and i am at a loss at what to do. More specifically games like oriental legends knights of valour except for two versions of part one, crystal of kings, final fight revenge, age of heroes and many more. I have the pgm.zip and neogeo.zip files where they are supposed to be and i have tried the latest emulator of final burn, nebula, mame32, and mame 144b to try and get these to work to no avail. If u have gotten any of those games to work on an emulator on pc I could really use some help on what I'm doing wrong.
  7. dingoo is a japanese handheld media system that you can put certain emulators and roms on and play them such as mame cps1 cps2 and gameboy advance. you can also connect it to a tv and play the game as the tv as your screen. when i try and load the neo geo rom it says loading but then it goes back to the screen where it shows all the roms you have saved on the dingo.
  8. ive got gameboy adance and CPS1 games to work, but not neo geo games. ive checked compatibility lists and tried different ones and none have worked. i have neogeo.zip bios and all games are in mvs format and all are placed in the mvs folder on the dingoo. my dingoo has not been modified pretty much fresh out of the box with original OS. any help would be awesome ive seen great games being played on the dingoo and want to play on road trips and the like.
  9. pgm.zip bios are there and neogeo.zip files. so im kinda at a loss at what to do
  10. thanks alot works great, still having trouble getting any arcade emulators to run the knights of valour games. MAME 144b and Nebula 225b will run two versions of knights of valour 1, but cant find anything that will play part 2 and the expansions of 2. Keep getting error messages saying that stuff is missing from the files. i download them from good rom sites, but the same thing keeps happening. Any ideas on what i should do?
  11. Im having a really hard time trying to figure out final burn on my pc. im using ver. 1.4 and i know how to use Nebula and MAME, but final burn has no exe. file to make it run like Nebula and MAME. Any help would be much appreciated. ive read that final burn will run some of the knights of valour games that nebula and mame wont. Thats my main goal is to get those to work.
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